Tips On How to Quit Smoking- withot if, ands, or butts.

Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking


Tips On How to Quit Smoking- withot if, ands, or butts.


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Allen Carr's Easy way to Stop Smoking is the world's most popular quit smoking title, with an 80+ percent market share in the smoking cessation category. First published in the UK in 1985, it has sold over thirteen million copies and has topped bestseller lists in nine countries. This brand new edition has been written specifically for the US market and is based on the past five years of working with American smokers at our live seminars.

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There is no need for a long review here. About the first three quarters of the book is spent revealing various myths and delusions about smoking (such as smoking relaxing you or putting an end to stress), which sets you up and gets you into the right frame of mind for actually stopping. At this point, the book wants you to continue smoking while you read it. In a nutshell, the easy method to stop smoking involves two things: one, deciding you will never going to smoke again, and two, don’t mope about it anymore, rejoice. Sounds too easy and simple, but after reading the first part of the book, this strategy will appeal more sense to you.

Lastly, the book addresses two main reasons why you will fail: the issue of  influence of other smokers, and having a bad day. Having been around for 20 some years and being able to refine it with twenty years of feedback, I feel like this is one of the better books out there on non-smoking, let me not say the best.

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Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking
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