Cohort227 – How I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Cohort227 – How I quit smoking Cold Turkey

How do I stop smoking. Now I am a non smoker I quit 15 months hit in a Friday morning and had not even planned to quit smoking, and it was not. . .

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25 Comments/Reviews

  • Cohort227 says:

    Lol, yeah it does, but its only going to get better now.

  • owensb01 says:

    Day 1 sucked.

  • owensb01 says:

    Lets see how this works:  Day 1

  • KayD1010 says:

    I like your approach. I quit last month. It hasn’t been easy but I’m getting there.

  • TheMarquel516 says:

    I’m 18, i started smoking when i was 12 at around half a pack a day, past year or so ive been smoking a pack a day, i have asthma so I’m an idiot to smoke at all but i been having some health issues lately so i want to quit badly. This video really inspired me to do that lol the sooner the better right?

  • remarkablevisionsllc says:

    thank you for making this video I hope that I’m as strong as you were when you quit. This is truly one of the best videos I’ve seen. It felt like it came from the heart. Thanks!!!

  • Cohort227 says:

    I did gain a few pounds at first, but when I quit smoking I really didn’t try to concern myself with my weight too much. Then after a year or so, when I knew smoking was longer an issue I started eating better and watching what I was eating and when I was eating it, and now I actually weight less than I did before I quit smoking.

  • meade816 says:

    I worked at stressful job for doing inspections in data centers. I got hooked on drinking energy drinks daily till the point I was drinking 2 – 3 a day. After realizing what they started doing to my teeth after 5 years I quit drinking them right away. Now I realizing what smoking is doing to me I’m looking to quit smoking cold turkey. I also have to say I quit my job and became self employed to get away from the stress. Your story will inspire me that quitting cold turkey is possible. Thanks!

  • nubianqueenloveiit says:

    did you gain weight when yo stopped smoking? if so how much, how fast?

  • john doe says:

    straight forward and no bullshit! this is the first quit smoking video I watched and the last! im done smoking! thank you for this video sir god bless you!!

  • conrad vanecek says:

    Thank you its just so tough to quit been 2 weeks now no cigs. Make a point to watch videos like this to remind me why i dont have to smoke.

  • ramong9297 says:

    Wish i was as strong as you

  • ramong9297 says:

    Hey old pal i dont know if you remember my comment you did reply to it well i would like to let you know i quit for 2 weeks but i had a ruff day at work and i went back now im back at looking at your video hope it helps me ciggs is the problem

  • Jawbox22 says:

    Great video, thanks man.

  • Tom6093 says:

    5 days so far. It’s touph. But I just have to remember the triggers and fight the cravings.

  • Jody De Sousa says:

    Thank you for your video !!! I was planning to quit smoking due to a new baby on the way from my daughter and knew it was time! well that time came 2 1/2 months early and my brain knows I have to stop or the baby can not come home My brain is on over load and I always run to my pack of smokes the day is here tomorrow morning I have a funeral for my granddad but… Stress cant control me through this

  • thijs schipper says:

    i quitted three days ago cold turkey , got some trouble and realy crave some, but i just go run instead and chew some gum

  • Charlotte Webb says:

    Good for you sir. To go from 60 to 0 is amazing. You look very for it too.

  • Trecaneck Flawless says:

    This video is awesome, the type of person you are really shows in the end. You’ve made your decision to quit and you are happy about it, and at the same time you respect people who do smoke. Im quitting today

  • Charlie Shalita says:

    Nice video . I have tried every thing to quit . Now I will try cold turkey. Thanks for the video . When you were quitting how did you get ur mind of the cigarette

  • cosmiclight81 says:

    On my second day of quitting cold turkey after failing miserably times before! Cravings are tough but chewing regular gum helps and drinking lots of water helps flush out the system. I had 15 years of smoking and drinking & I’ve really just had enough! Even joined the gym yesterday! Yeah it’s hard when everyone around you smokes and the support just isn’t there from so called friends and family so thanks for sharing your video and well done, your will-power is real strong! :)

  • ryan ferguson says:

    Well Cohort I about half a pack left and when they are gone, they are gone. Too many times have I looked up similar videos trying to get that encouragement to finally do it. Thanks for doing the video maybe it will be that last thing I needed to put me where I need to be as far as having a mindset towards killing this bad habbit that’s ruining my health and even my dreams.

  • Alan Davis says:

    The biggest fear is the idea of never smoking again! It’s ridiculous how we smokers get to believing in such bogus stuff! lol GO TO W W W . WHYQUIT DOT COM AND LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT SMOKING AND QUITTING SMOKING. IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!

  • Alan Davis says:

    That’s fantastic, quitting like that! I quit 16 days ago and feel great! Cold turkey’s the only way and I found it easy by going to whyquit dot com. Knowledge is power and they’ll show you how! Makes it so much easier!!!!

  • Cohort227 says:

    I am really glad to see all the very positive comments on this video, not only to me but like mined people helping each other as you can see in the comments, very inspiring. I never thought this video would see a 100 views, it has now been over two years for me and to let everybody know. I have not turned back and a cigarette never crosses my mind. I do love reading your comments and I do try to write back as much as I can. ~ Lee

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