Is There A Hypnosis Seminar To Stop Smoking Orlando?

Is there a hypnosis seminar to stop smoking Orlando?

I think the man’s name is Gorygan or something, stop smoking, lose weight

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  • dolphins1 says:

    I live in Orlando and have been to a stop smoking seminar at the Holiday Inn in Altamonte Springs by the I-4 exit. I don’t know if Gorygan was the guy that did it or not but I got the add out of the Orlando Sentinal. It was very good but the only problem is once you leave your ok for a day or so but after that you really start getting urges again. I found that a self hypnosis script that I could record my self reading the script and then listen to it really helped. I put it on everynight before I went to sleep for about a month. I’ve been smoke free for almost 2 years now.

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