How I Can Lose Weight After Quitting Smoking?

How I can lose weight after quitting smoking?

I quit smoking 3 months ago and I gained 25LBS. I eat half of the food I had while smoking, alcohol almost completely isolated, and play racquetball three times a week for over an hour each time! I can not understand. How my body has changed many quit. Any ideas on what can help?

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  • lrna83 says:

    Watch the type of foods you eat. If you are eating junk food, weight will pile on. I haven’t smoked, but i hear that there are chemicals in cigarettes that affect you metabolism.

  • kelly says:

    exercise everyday like jogging around the block
    skip meals. Eat 2 times per day than 3 times per day
    dont eat until your’re full
    eat fruits at night if your hungry.
    drinks lots of water and stop all the fast food and chocolate.
    I found this on this website. There are more tips and info.

  • carlos says:

    Check what you eat, because you move enough !

    There you go for more info :

  • wonderme says:

    Usually the weight gain after quitting smoking is due to the following reasons:

    1. Sugar craving
    2. Low metabolism
    3. Food craving

    But in your case it seems that you are eating less and excercising regularly. You are gaining weight because of low metabolism.

    Use a natural or herbal supplement which will boast your metabolism improve digestive functions and help you loose that extra weight. For further info on natural remedies for weight loss visit the following link:

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