Bad Side Effects Of Smoking Weed. ?

bad side effects of smoking weed. ?

okay my friend smoked some weed one night at at party, and she experienced some bad side effects. at first i kinda thought she was making some stuff up. well after talking with her about her experience, we just came to the conclusion that there was some salvia in the marijuana. but then she told me that she had the same experienced again at a way different date, and with way different people. she has smoked weed before the first time, and after and she never felt this. i am going to tell you some of her symptoms, maybe some one can help us and tell us what she might have been experiencing.
body feeling numb/tinging
felt like things were slowing down/seeming longer
high body temperature

so was the weed laced/spiked?? whats going on here? is her body just reacting weird to it?


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