Side Effect Of Quitting Smoking?

Side effect of quitting smoking?

I quit smoking 10 days ago.

This was a long-term habit of around 15 years or so.
I only used to have 2 or 3 in the evenings so I wasn’t a heavy smoker (it is surprising how easy it was to just quit actually!).

None the less, I have been waking up with a bloody nose every morning. . . . . Is this a side effect? What has caused this?
Red Fred are you a doctor or nurse?

I don’t have blood pouring out of my nose as such. . . . Just lining my nose so that when I blow my nose there is blood.

Please don’t comment like that unless you have a medical background. . . .
Thanks Kazzled – I certainly don’t feel stressed. I’m not even working at the moment! But I woke up with a cold sore this morning, first one in yrs!! Only ever get those when stressed. . . . So you may be right. I only ever smoked at night so maybe when I’m sleeping my body has changed biochemically due to no smoke in my system. . . . . ? I’m otherwise fine and nose seems ok now so will see how I go.


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