How Can I Detox My Body After Recently Quitting Smoking?

How can I detox my body after recently quitting smoking?

I just quit smoking a couple of days ago and want to detox my body to feel better. Any suggestion?


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  • Panda says:


  • notalonewithcancer says:

    vegetable, & fruit juices and lots of good clean water is about the best you can do for yourself to flush the chemicals out of your system.

  • Opus says:

    Nothing you eat, drink or squirt up your a$$ will do anything to “detox” you. It will happen naturally over time if you stop putting the “toxins” in, but the process cannot be hurried.

  • really? says:

    for 10 days drink 2 quarts of water, fresh vegtables and fruit, raw pecans and almonds, and whole wheat. no meat no dairy.
    do 5 minutes of jumping jacks a day, and take cascara from your healthfood store as recommended.
    thatyll do it!!!!!.

  • danniez28 says:

    Wow. . . . wtg! I know how hard that is as I did the same thing over 5 years ago but hey. . . this is about you! Stay with it and remember, you don’t have to stop. . . . . just stop starting!

    You body is going to go through some serious detoxing all on it’s own so don’t rush it but things you can do on your own are:

    -drink lots of lemon water
    -take vitamin C
    -start a good multivitamin (not that drug store crap)
    -sweat. . . . be it a hot tub, sauna, anything that makes you sweat

    Those things alone are a great start. From there as you progress you can add many other great natural products that will help you to detox but be very careful not to rush it as you can actually create a detox crisis. . . . . meaning, your body is trying to get rid of toxins faster than it’s capable of and it can cause incredible stress on your liver, kidneys and lymphatic system so easy does it!

  • aimeeme_g says:

    At some spas they have something called an herbal body wrap or a wet dry wrap. They are excellent ways to detox. In fact, that’s what they do to druggies on the street in order to help them into a program. It’s fantastic they wrap you up and you sweat all the junk out. Good luck and congratulations, it’s not easy to quit an addiction!

  • natasha the sleuth says:

    Osha root really helps with that deep, rattling cough. Its a natural expectorant.

  • kay.ce says:

    dandelion tea will help to get rid of the crap in your body.

    horse radish will help clear your lungs and sinuses

    oats will help with cravings
    things like old fashion oatmeal.
    making home made granola and snacking on it

    if you are anxious the essential oil of lavender will help calm you down.

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