What Is The Best Natural Product To Use To Quit Smoking?

what is the best natural product to use to quit smoking?

My sister wants to quit smoking after decades using cigarettes. She asked me to research natural products for smoking cessation – Nicocure, Dermathol, etc. – but the information is sketchy. She prefers herbal, non-nicotine options. Has anyone tried a natural product with success? Thank you for your answers!


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  • Edward says:

    Will power.

    Hypnosis helps some people, but it doesn’t work for everyone. She can also try to replace the habit with something better for her than smoking, like chewing gum or nibbling on carrot sticks and celery.
    If she goes to an acupuncturist, they sometimes use magnets taped on the ear to help reduce the cravings.

  • I says:

    Will power and never starting. Sorry to say it, but even if she quits theres a huge chance she will get lung cancer. Actually, im not sorry to say it, hope those stupid smokers die out and stop killing us innocent people with second hand smoke. Yesterday, I saw a pregnant woman having to inhale second hand smoke (she tried breathing through clothes) because the smoker was a dumb ass.

  • Botanical Babe says:

    Edward is right, will power is the most important thing. You can’t and won’t quit unless you’re mentally ready.

    But to give you a direct answer, consider telling your sister the following:

    You can substitute herbs for tobacco. If you don’t want to quit cold turkey, cut back on the amount of tobacco you use by adding herbs to it. Mullein Leaf and a pinch of mint makes a fine smoke all by itself (or mullein and rose petal, if you like a sweeter smoke). Each time you roll a cigarette, add more mullein and less tobacco. Most people can wean themselves from tobacco in a short time this way.

    Other herbs that make for a pleasant smoke are blackberry blossom, catnip leaf, lemon balm leaf, mullein flower, strawberry blossom, and violet flower. Old timers used to smoke corn silk in their corn cob pipes. It has a mild and pleasant taste that blends well with other herbs.

    CHEWING HERBS: Chew on a piece of Marsh Mallow root or candied ginger or on fresh rose hips.

    And to ease the withdrawal and nervous anxiety that comes from nicotine withdrawal, use borage seed oil, and drink lemon balm or oat straw tea. A double blind placebo study has shown that the extracts of fresh oats can reduce the craving for cigarettes. In the test, 5 out of the 13 oat eaters stopped smoking, seven cut back by 50%, and only one person kept smoking. Also, drink copious amounts of water to flush the nicotine from your body. Or take hot baths with ginger or peppermint added to bring on a sweat, cleanse the toxin from your body, and help you relax.

    I hope I helped and good luck for your sister!

  • Tink says:

    Only thing that worked for me was patches. I tried for 20+ years to quit. . . . tried every herbal and vitamin there was, witch doctors, you name it. . . the problem is nicotine addiction, not lack of will power. It’s a chemical addiction 17 times stronger than heroin addiction – we have no problem telling junkies to taper off in rehab, but for some reason we think we should suffer when getting off smoking. . . that’s warped thinking.

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