Is The Laser Treatment To Stop Smoking Efficient?

Is the laser treatment to stop smoking efficient?

I would like some input about this treatment to stop smoking. Is it costly? How many sessions do we need? Is it efficient? Thank you in advance.


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  • DavidMiller says:

    I’ve never heard of such thing, but off hand, I would have my doubts.

    I am aware of a quick, easy, economical and effective way to quit, though:
    http://allencarr. com/central/
    http://www. amazon. co. uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0140277633/allencar/026-1457695-9921253

    Disclaimer: I receive no commissions or other benefits from this company, and have no connection to them whatsoever, other than being a satisfied customer.

  • Nate says:

    Lasers will not help you quit smoking. Spending money on treatment might indirectly increase your chances of quitting though. You’ll likely try harder, lest you feel like you’ve been throwing your money away.

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