Anyone Have Any Tips For Quitting Smoking? Does Smokers Savior Work?

Anyone have any tips for quitting smoking? does smokers savior work?

I am trying to quit smoking, been working at it for a long time, anyone have any good advice?
I am thinking of trying the patch, or gum, but my friend recommended smokers savior, does that thing work?


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  • Greg says:

    yes, it absolutely works! i was having a problem with quitting smoking for a long time. Gum didnt work at all, patches helped for calming my nerves, but i got really bad dreams. . . .

    I ordered smokers savior, and then had that feeling of smoking, and could actually breathe in, and out, but the stuff is just water vapor, so i wasnt killing myself anymore. . . .

    havent had a cigarette in like 6 months. Feels great. I used the patch for the first couple weeks, to dull the physical withdrawl symptoms though. . . .

  • Aaron says:

    If you necessarily have to smoke, then the Smokers’ Savior will work. With no tar, nicotine, no tobacco, It will help a lot. It is so safe, that a lot of companies will let you smoke inside. It causes no ash, no smoke (except for the smoke coming out of your mouth), and no decreasing in size. With all of that, it is the best substitute. My dad uses it, and he used to smoke one and a half a pack a day, no he smokes it and five cigarettes a day. Hope this helps! ^_^

  • Tiana says:

    I have not tried smokers savior yet, but going to smoking cessation class definitely helped. . . .

    let me know how smokers savior works, i would be interested to know.

  • Star says:

    Smokers Savior worked for me. Good luck with quitting!

  • Oma says:

    i bought smokers savior for my boyfriend after he failed at quitting cold turkey, and he uses it all day. . . . he smokes in bed too. . .

    it seems to work, he has not bought cigarettes in like a week, and patches and gum were too expensive to keep using.

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