Does Hypnosis Really Work? I Can’t Remember My Dad Very Well Since I Was 6 When He Died. Can Hypnosis Help Me?

Does hypnosis really work? I can’t remember my dad very well since I was 6 when he died. Can hypnosis help me?

Specifically, I want to remember what his voice sounds like, and to call up more memories. Is this possible? If so, how would I contact a reputable hypnotist? There is one here in town, but he hypnotizes people to help them stop smoking and lose weight. I don’t know if he could help. Is it expensive?


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  • katka says:

    yes. It can for some people.
    You have to be predisposed and able to follow direction to a T. No harm in trying. Just make sure the doctor doesn’t “lead your memories” by planting memories.

    **Oh my god. . . did the guy under me actually say “opening yourself up for demons. “? Damn there are a lot of religious nuts out there who call anything they don’t understand a Demon!!

  • Terry F says:

    All you would accomplish is opening yourself up for demons.

  • dmit_3228 says:

    its expensive an will only help if u have memories in there to be recalled. hypnosis will put u back in the “state of min” u were in when u were 6 and therefore mke it easier for the memories to be recalled. u have to go to a reputable hypnotherapist as it has to be done properly. good luck :)

  • pat from ohio says:

    Hypnosis is a tool that is best used by psychlogists properly trained in hypnotherapy. Check with your health insurance company to find a licensed counselor near you and discuss the matter with them, I’m sure they will be able to guide you in the right direction. Good luck.

  • Kylie_H says:

    no if you ever take a psychology class you will learn there is no proof in hypnosis. . . as far as experts can tell it is fake altho that cant be proven either. They say the reason why some hypnosis “works’ for some people is because those are the people who BELIEVE it works and WANT it to work. . . if you go in there doubting it will work, it wont. . . if you go in there thinking it will, it will for a while. However in the case of repressed memories the answer is no– there is substantial proof that hynosis DOES NOT work for memories. . . if you go in there thinking it will work your imagination may work out a few details, studies have shown that these details are in fact the work of imagination, and not based on truth though. That is why you may sometimes see a hypnotist testify in a court case on TV about repressed memories brought out during hypnosis, but in real life it is not used not would it be accepted or allowed in a court room since they know it doesn’t work. It would be an extreme waste of money. They are usally anywhere from $50-$200 an hour and may “require” multiple sessions. . . . I am very sad for you but I am sorry to say this is not the way to find the answers and memories. Maybe instead you could search out people who knew him (familiy? friends? co-workers? old girl friends even) check to see if any of those people have video tapes with him on it? Even pictures and phots albums would be better than nothing. . . I wish you the very very best of luck and pray you find something to help you out. . . I am glad you asked though and hope you can use the money you saved on the fake hypnosis to track down people who knew your father.

  • thanksonceagain says:

    Yes to recall those memories from age 6 will depend on several things. How old you are now plays a part. What kind of memories you have/had, traumatic painful events are often buried in such a way to protect the personality. The first element is to realize that hypnosis is a dominant culture concept and though it may be possible to access those memories “hypnosis” may not be the correct approach.

  • Ishamael says:

    Yes. Hypnosis really works. You have the ability to go as far back to childhood as your birth. A hypnostist, like everyone else, works according to the demands of his clients. Smoking and weight are simply the most popular requests. As a hypnotherapist I work with all the negative habits, but I can also help people with memories, or anything else for that matter.
    To check your hypnotist, find out about his credentials. If he is a certified hypnotherapist, it is a higher degree than a plain one. If he is a clinical hypnotherapist, it usually implis that he is trained in both hypnosis and psychiatry, or psychology, which would make him even more qualified. Also, to ease your doubts, ask him if he has ever done memory work before. Some hypnotists, while doing a little bit of everything, specialize in a particular area.
    Hypnosis is, generally speaking, expensive. A trained hypnotist can charge even 50 dollars per one session, and sometimes just one session isn’t enough. However, the cost really depends on your state. For example, if you are living in California, it might be more costly than elsewhere. In a rural area, it should be more affordable.
    So, I recommend you would check also hypnotists outside of the town, but in the vicinity. Some of them might be cheaper than the one you know of.
    Last bit of advice. If you decide to try it after all, you should know that everything the hypnotist would be doing, is going to require your consent. He cannot do anything you don’t wish him too. You are always in control. He will probably explain it all to you during the first few minutes of the session, but if you are prepared, the process will become more expedient. Good Luck.

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