Do You Regain Your Smell And Taste When You Quit Smoking?

Do you regain your smell and taste when you quit smoking?


I’ve been smoking for 8 months now and noticed just recently that my taste and smell are verrrry little now. I love food and can’t stand it, if i quit smoking will i regain it?


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  • MT63 says:

    Yes, eventually.

    Basically, the more you smoke the more you dull your sense of taste and smell, so the longer it takes for them to come back when you quit. If you quit now, after only 8 months of smoking, it would probably come back pretty quickly.

    This is actually one of the reasons that people gain weight when they quit smoking. Certain food ends up tasting really good, better than it did originally.

    I smoked for a brief period of time, and hated sweets before I started smoking. When I quit, I craved candy and dessert stuff hardcore.

    Now that’s gone away and I’m back to fruit being my “sweets” if I do get a sweet tooth. I’m back to not caring for dessert stuff very much at all. But that can screw you for a little while when you quit.

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