How Long Before A Drug Test Do You Have To Stop Smoking Pot?

How long before a drug test do you have to stop smoking pot?

I have smoked almost everyday for the last 4 years. I need to know how long I should stop smoking before I take the drug test. PLEASE keep opinions to yourselves


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  • Ashley says:

    it doesn’t really matter but i would try to go a week or a week and a half but make sure you drink a lot of water and fluid to rinse it all out of your system ha its sad im 13 but i got lots of interesting friends!!! hope this helps :)

  • Dante says:

    If you’ve been smoking that long, it will take a while but a friend of mine had been smoking chronically for years and passed a test, but she exercised a LOT, drank LOTS of water and cranberry juice and took a detox kit.

    In general though, it would be about 30-45 days I believe.

    But if you do some of the things that my friend did then it should shorten the time.

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