Does Being Hypnotized To Quit Smoking Really Work?

Does being hypnotized to quit smoking really work?

Does being hypnotized to quit smoking really work? What about being hypnotized to lose weight? Can you tell me your personal experience? Are you still smoke-free? What goes on in such a session? Is it just a scam?


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  • sakotgrimes says:

    Yes it’s just a scam. Hypnotism is for magician shows, nothing else. Using nicotene gum and a support program is more effective.

  • Roy Batty says:

    I’ve heard of people doing it and having it work and other not having it work. Make sure they have a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.

  • Heather says:

    Hypnotism only works if you believe it is going to work.

  • leeb001 says:

    Can’t wait for these answers. Always wondered, too.

  • JENN-JENN says:

    my sister did the hypnotzes thing to stop smoking, well that only lasted about 6 months to a year shes back to smoking.

  • B says:

    i don’t know about being hypnotized. . . but, my grandpa quit smoking after he got acupuncutred

  • Maryn Bittner says:

    It helps some people, for the short term, but it still takes individual will power, or rather, won’t power, to stay off the smokes.

    If it totally worked as effortlessly as some hypnosis centers would have you believe, nobody’d smoke (or be overweight).

  • TBone says:

    It worked for me for about 2 months (to quit smoking). It was more of a brain washing thing than being hypnotized since I remembered everything that went on. I finally quit by wearing the patch for 3 months.

  • fireball says:

    hypnotism is the most powerful way to quit smoking. . . but you have to find a good hypnotist and that can be a little expensive. . it is powerfull for weight loss too. . .

  • eric says:

    Ive heard both, its all about your state of mind. Being hypnotized isn’t a miracle cure. If you want it to work it will. . . For smoking I recently went to the doc and got a script of “Chantix” , so far I’m smoke free for 3 weeks. Although I still have cravings a couple of times a day. . it’s not terrible. . I just think about something else and in 10 secs theyre gone. .

  • tonalc1 says:

    It did not work for me, but it did for my friend, who is still smoke-free five years later.

  • Jessica says:

    I work in a hotel, where we had this seminar to get hypnotized to quit smoking, and lose weight.

    They were in there for HOURS. . . had a break.

    What’s the first thing they all did?

    Wen’t outside to have a smoke.

    Scam, honey.

  • onlymatch4u says:

    Hypnotism really works, but only if you really want to quit. The way hypnotism works is to put strong suggestions into your subconscious mind. When you are under hypnosis, you are aware of what is going on around you and what the hypnotist is saying to you, but you are listening with your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind.

    I have personally been involved in 3 different people that have been greatly helped with hypnosis. One was able to eliminate their craving for chocolate. She was able to eat it and enjoy it, but not have the craving’s for it that she used to. I knew a man that quit smoking because he really wanted to quit and the hypnosis definitely helped him because before the hypnosis, nothing else worked.

    Another person lost weight and now prefers good food over junk food. This took 5 sessions to perfect. Diets now really work for her and she is more dedicated to eating right.

    good luck to you

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