Does Anybody Knows What Is The Best Way On How To Quit Smoking Without Patches?

Does anybody knows What is the best way on how to quit smoking without patches?

I really need to quit smoking now. I’ve tried many different methods using pills and patches, but I am a little dissapointed by them. Once I’ve completed them I go back to the cigarette as soon as I can. Could you give any advice on how to stop smoking?


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  • Sajen says:

    well I know that when I was little I told my dad I wanted to be just like him and that got him to stop, other than that my mom used herbal cigarettes

  • Jessica says:

    COLD TURKEY. When I quit I did the whole cold turkey method and this is why I think it works. It was very hard to not smoke for such a long amount of time with the constant cravings. BUT when I held out it seemed to clear the poisons from my blood and the toxins and smoke, ya know all the healthy stuff. I still had a few cigarettes a week but when I had them they made me incredibly ill and I never finished them.

    So I went cold turkey for a whole month, maybe more. Then I promised myself those 1 or 2 a week i had would be it. And eventually I just didnt want any at all.

  • Jonathan M says:

    I’ve tried those too, with the same rasults that you got. Then I keep on trying with different methods to stop smoking because none of the programs based on patches or drugs really worked for me.

    About two months ago I’v purchased Quit Smokin Today, that is very different to what you usually see. This is based fully on the mental aspect of the vice, I guess that was the thing that were missed by the other programs that only offer you a smaller dose and no orientation.

    I say give this a try if youu think you’re done with using madication to break the habit.

  • john r says:

    the good news is that i now have been quit for over 5 years. . i quit trying to quit alone, and joined a support group. . i attend nicotine anonymous meetings both locally and on line. . on line voice meetings are he as close as your computer, and you can attend while still smoking, before actually attempting a quit. . however you decide to quit good luck, there is simply no wrong way to quit!!

    Nicotine Anonymous is a Non-Profit 12 Step Fellowship of men and women helping each other live nicotine-free lives. Nicotine Anonymous welcomes all those seeking freedom from nicotine addiction, including those using cessation programs and nicotine withdrawal aids. The primary purpose of Nicotine Anonymous is to help all those who would like to cease using tobacco and nicotine products in any form. The Fellowship offers group support and recovery using the 12 Steps as adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous to achieve abstinence from nicotine.

  • love2seemovies says:

    I found that patches didn’t work for me either, I still had that craving of putting something in my mouth. The only thing that kind of helped me a little bit, I’m still smoking unfortunately, was chewing the nicotine gum. I found that I didn’t smoke nearly as often as before, and sometimes I forgot about smoking. Actually I don’t even know why I stopped using the gum???

    Sometimes you can find free samples to help you get “hooked” on the nicotine gum. I don’t know if they’re still available or not, but you can always try here http://www. freesamplesfromheaven. com/nicorette-chewing-gum-free-sample

    Good luck, I hope YOU kick it :)

  • gabriel says:

    The best way to quit smoking is the method provided by this website. This method does not require any pills, or patches, or gums

  • Adelaide says:

    Hi, hon —

    I did some research on this and here’s what I found: nicotine replacement therapies like patches and electric cigarettes just don’t work. They have an over 80% failure rate. If you go back to a nicotine replacement therapy a second time then there’s a 99% failure rate. Trying to quit cold turkey also has a super-high failure rate.

    My boyfriend was finally able to quit smoking by using a nicotine-free herbal supplement. That’s what I recommend. It worked for him really well — no cravings or anything. That’s what I would try.

    Good luck!

  • Greg says:

    I smoked for like 8 years, and towards the end, it was like 2 packs a day.

    i tried herbal suppliments, and patches helped a lot at work, but one thing i tried worked really well, cause it had the oral fixation that i craved.
    one of those e-cigarettes called smokers savior.

    battery powered, but no nicotine, so i could “smoke” but without tar and junk.
    I used that for a few months, and havent touched a cigarette now in 6 months or so.
    patches i used for the first week or two while using the smokers savior, and that really helped.

  • Luba says:

    http://www. 24by7info. com/quitsmoking

  • Matthew M says:

    I’ve tried just about every method there is out there and there is only one I can recommend – NLP! It eliminates the cravings.
    Gum patches and all the other just did not cut it for me, not to mention cold turkey which was the hardest, I even tried the electric cig and it is just no match to the real thing.
    Check out this article:
    http://Quit-Smoking-Today. BestOf-The-Net. com
    it’s the one that got me off the cigs and smoke free for GOOD even without gaining weight! :)

    Good luck kicking the habit!

  • peevee says:

    Gradually reducing the frequency of smoking is the best way.

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