Helping My Boyfriend And I Quit Smoking?

Helping my boyfriend and I quit smoking?

Me and my boyfriend have quit smoking as of Saturday night. We are trying to be each other’s support team. Anyways, he has been smoking A LOT longer than I have, and at times I feel like I am almost ignoring my symptoms and cravings for him. Which is good for me, but I want to do somethings for him that reward him for not lighting up, but I can’t really think of anything. Tonight I am gonna take him out for dinner because it has been offically 2 days since “we” smoked, but I wanna give him little rewards here and there, that he can look at and maybe use to get him through the cravings that he is experiencing. . . Any ideas of what I could do?


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  • Destiny says:

    I took a quit smoking class at the health department and they suggested saving up three dollars a day per person (the cost of a pack) and then go on vacation or buy something that you really want.

  • Auggers says:

    buy him nicorette gum

  • sophieb says:

    since smoking is an addiction and any weakness for addictions come in your dna, what you need is a substitute for the smoking.

    Frankly if your bf has done better than you then I presume he has been cheating (smoking when you don’t know it) because it’s not that easy to stop.

    People over 30 use the patch which is successful, and so is hypnosis. . . . but if you go to a shink they will tell you to substitute one bad habit for another. Sometimes people use lollipops, gum, a rubberband on your wrist and snap it when you have a desire to smoke, and don’t put yourself into a situation wherein you’re around smoke or the reason to smoke (sometimes people smoke when they are bored or when relaxing as in chatting with friends, or nervous). Find out which situation is strongest when you would smoke and eliminate that kind of situation and replace it with something better like a fun course, joining a group who do activities but who don’t smoke, etc.

    Rewarding is nice, but a meal to celebrate only two days is kinda silly, don’t you think? If you’re going to give a gift (if you really feel like you have to do that) then buy a small token gift (don’t replace smoking with eating) that’s worth only a couple of bucks and a homemade card. If you remind someone too much of something they will fall back into it. But since you’re not with him all the time you really don’t know if he’s cheating (not smoking) or not. He might feel that this stop smoking idea is all yours and he doesn’t want to say that to you. Men are like that.

  • Texas says:

    Greetings. . . and congrats on your decision to stop smoking. I wrote a journal when I quit of what I was feeling etc. so maybe you could make him a progressive non smoker scrap book. Day One. . . Day Two. . . etc. Just a thought.

    I also started a yahoo group when I quit. 7 months ago (I used Chantix) and have attached extensive files, links, news etc. to the site that can answer any question you might have concerning smoking and quitting. Real answers and not the stuff I have been reading that was previously posted for you by others. Feel free to have a look and both of you. . . . Take Care and Hang In There.

    http://health. groups. yahoo. com/group/StayQuit/

  • Bidare C says:

    When I wanted to stop smoking I came across this book, the Easy Quit System, you can find it at http://www. bjm-web. com/EasyQuitSystem . This book was a great motivator, I didn’t wanted to touch another sigaret again, and have been smoking a pack a day for the last 15 years. It worked like a charm.

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