Is It Possible To Change Subconscious Habbits?

Is it possible to change subconscious habbits?

Ok. . . all the people who have seen me sleeping say that I suck my thumb in my sleep wich is really weird because I havent sucked my thumb since I was a baby. I know you can change some mental things that happen while you are subconscious but what about the physical things??? How can I stop habbits if I dont even know that Im doing it while im subconscious????
LOL it is normal to get erect while you are sleeping


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  • Captain C says:

    I’m not sure. I always seem to get wood while I’m sleeping.

  • *Lily* says:

    I think Hypnosis, i know some people don’t believe in it but it really does work. Many therapists use this method because it targets your subconscious, which is exactly where you’re having your problem. . .
    Lots of people use hypnosis for many different reasons one common example is to help quit smoking.
    You can find lots of info on-line about it. . .
    Good Luck!

  • Bob Smith says:

    When I go to bed at night, I’ll say something to myself over and over again. When I go to sleep, it’s in my head, and helps my subconscious focus on it. Now I don’t know if this is exactly true, but might be a good starting point for you.

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