How Long Do Withdrawls Last When You Quit Smoking Pot?

How long do withdrawls last when you quit smoking pot?

I recently quit smoking. Its been about a month now. The first couple weeks i felt fine but the past week Ive been really sick. Ive been getting nausea hot flashes numbness and headaches. Is this normal? And if it is how long do these do these last. I was not a heavy user. I would smoke a bowl or two once or twice a week at the most


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  • Strife and Discord says:

    Your symptoms are most likely NOT related to your pot smoking.

  • J says:

    That’s not the weed. You get no withdrawals from pot, especially physical. Any psychological withdrawals are simply you not realizing that the pot helped you with certain things e. g. sleeping problems or appetite changes. I’m 99% sure what you’re feeling is completely unrelated.

  • bigapplebucky says:

    No personal experience, but from everything I’ve read, THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, is not addictive.

  • THE GAME!!! says:

    Well, actually, pot doesn’t make you have withdraws like other drugs, because its a natural plant. The symptoms you are feeling aren’t from the pot honey.

  • FreshT says:

    As another answer has said – your symptoms are definitely not related to your pot smoking or giving it up. If your symptoms persist you should visit a doctor.

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