Has Anybody Here Ever Visited A Hypnotherapist?

Has anybody here ever visited a hypnotherapist?

to help recover from a traumatic past experience, or is visiting a regular psychotherapist a better option? I have heard hypnotherapy has helped people quit smoking. I’m not sure about other deeper psychological issues.


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  • debijs says:

    I have and quite a few members of my family have used a hypnotherapist. I have gone to two different ones for smoking. Smoked on my way home from both treatments. Two of my Aunts stopped smoking through hypnothrapy without any further problems. Have an Uncle who could not pass a Real Estate exam. Was hypnotized, passed the next test and went on to become one of the most successful agents in the USA. Tried the same one for some problems my son was having on testing in college, didn’t help him at all. So I guess the answer is, how much you want it to work, and how successful you are at accepting the hypnosis. As far as therapy, I really don’t know, that seems pretty tough to cure. I don’t even like the time it would take for a regular therapist to dig down and try to uncover past traumas. I truly believe in finding a therapist that specializes in behavorial change techniques. It really doesn;t matter what happened in the past, it;’s done. I would rather fix myself to live in the here and now in as healthy a frame of mind as I can have. That’s why I used a therapist that taught me how to change my behavior from the negative way I use to perceive things (I definitly had a traumatic experience growing up that adversly affected me). Now I have tools to reason things out differently, and I am truly happy and peaceful. Hope this somehow answers your question!

  • startrektosnewenterpriselovethem says:

    I have done both and for me psychiatry and regular thrapy worked best

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