Is There A Relationship Between Losing Your Voice And Quit Smoking ?

Is there a relationship between losing your voice and quit smoking ?

i have quit smoking for nearly 2 weeks and my voice is very hoarse since for the last 3 days.
what should i do and how long my voice will stay like this ???


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  • PLEH says:

    Your throat is trying to clear itself out from all the crap that is stuck in there. Stick it out, drink plenty of water and it will eventually clear up. Congrats on quitting smoking, as you can see, your health is already improving

    PS I really recommend lockets or throat sweets with honey / lemon because that will give you temporary relief when it really hurts

  • Barcode says:

    Tough it out.
    Probably just the nicotine working it’s way out of your system.
    Gargle 3 times a day with warm salt water to get relief.

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