This Question Is For Smokers. . What Would It Be Worth To You To Be Able To Give Up The Habit, And Never. . . ?

This question is for smokers. . What would it be worth to you to be able to give up the habit, and never. . . ?

ever smoke or touch another cigarette, cigar, or pipe? I’ve never been a smoker, and it is one of my specialties (tobbacco cessation/control/use reduction) as a CH (certified hypnotist). I am asking this for professional reasons, so serious well thought out answers please. :-) Am also interested in the other end of it, IE, if no amount of money is worth it to you, why? Again, serious replies requested.
Thanks for the quick responses! However, I am curious how much money it would be worth to a smoker, and that person, who is honest will receive the 10 bonus points. I do know that here in the states, cigarettes are going for about $5 US, and its not only an unhealthy habit for the smoker and anyone around them, but the cost is prohibitive. Consider this: NOT smoking 1 pack a day could give you a great, free vacation you’ve always dreamed of. And this is for the rest of your life!


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  • Abby says:

    I Gave it up over 25 years ago. Yes it was worth it. I’m now a avid runner and I like the way I feel. I rather be on a runners high that a nicotine one.

  • jakeybird2000 says:

    I’m a smoker and have tried so many times to give up i envy those who have. Even been to a hypnotist and it didnt work, I would give anything to be able to give up. When i do try im unbearable to live and work with and a nervous wreck

  • Richard W says:

    You have to want to quit.
    Unless you really want to, no amount of bribing will do the trick.
    I have been smoking 40 years, I enjoy it.
    You are going to die of something NO MATTER WHAT.
    I’d rather not lay in a nursing home & drool for years after my mind has quit functioning.
    These health nuts are going to feel awfully silly laying there dieing of nothing.
    The CDC had a 10 year study on the effects of second hand smoke.
    The results didn’t meet their Politically Correct goals, (oops, it’s not nearly as bad as we have been telling people, we better hush this up. . . ) so they declared the study invalid. . . .

  • Niskin D says:

    I’d give my left nut to be able to stop. I was on Wellbutrin for a while for anxiety and I cut waaay back on the smokes but I wasn’t actually trying to quit at the time. Wellbutrin is the same thing as Zyban the stop smoking scrip they pushed on TV for a while. Anyhow, I am now “ready” to quit but with no health insurance, those magic lil pills are out of reach financially as are the patches that do nothing and the gum that tastes like A$$! So for now, it’s cheaper for me to smoke though I am sure not cheaper on my health in the long run.
    Being in the middle of my last year of college plus a full time job, I’d LOVE to have the Wellbutrin for the stress of the double workload though that’s for sure. Never tried hypnosis. Nobody in my area does it and without a money back guarantee, I’d probably walk out anyhow lol

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