Does Anybody Know If How Long You Have To Stop Smoking Marijuana To Pass A Saliva Drug Test?

Does anybody know if how long you have to stop smoking marijuana to pass a saliva drug test?

I recently stop smoking marijuana and plan on stopping for the rest of my life, but anytime I could have a random saliva drug test at my job so I was wondering if anybody knows how long do you have to stop smoking before you can pass a saliva drug test?


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  • Wrenched says:

    reading your question i can tell you have used dope. . . NORML says one to two hours if at all because little is in the oral fluids

    Saliva testing, like blood testing, detects the presence of parent drugs – not their inactive metabolites. Consumers take heart: THC is highly difficult to identify in oral fluids, as only a minute amount of the drug is excreted into the saliva. As a result, most current saliva testing technology typically only detects the presence of cannabis for a period of approximately one to two hours following drug ingestion, and sometimes not at all. http://norml. org/index. cfm?Group_ID=6991

    BUT Sun Biomedical in the US, is promoting a saliva test kit that can simultaneously test for four illicit drugs in minutes.

    Managing director Peter Boonen said the OraLine test had been adopted for testing by the CERT Council representing correctional emergency response team operators around the world.

    Mr Boonen claimed the OraLine drug test was more sensitive than methods recently tested.

  • Pamela R says:

    Substance detection period by Saliva test:
    Cannabis (Single Use) -1 hour after ingestion, Up to 14 hours.
    Cannabis (Habitual Use)- 1 hour after ingestion, Up to 14 hours.

  • drsalahaldeen says:

    your answer is in my sources

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