How Can I Lose More Weight Fast?

How can I lose more weight fast?

Im not fat but im worried im going to soon how can i lose the unnessary weight fast?
does green tea help?


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  • Nina C says:


  • Chris M says:

    nutri system

  • Mrs Diesel says:

    By drinkinind 4 litres of water per day during food intervals.

  • SixCount says:

    1. Counting Calories
    2. Cardiovascular Exercise
    3. Strength Training (Muscle burns more calories than fat. )
    5. Alli is the only FDA approved weight loss drug that you can purchase over the counter, and will actually stop your body from absorbing some of the fat you eat.
    6. See a dietitian for nutritional counseling.

  • Kandykane says:

    Diet and exercise the only possible way.
    Consume less. Move more.

  • Sawyer says:

    Hey, do you want to lose weight easily by doing nothing or get motivated to lose weight easily without even giving up half-way?

    The key and answer to successfully do it is in Your Subconscious Mind.

    The subconscious actually stores a multitude of memory patterns which will feed information to the conscious mind when activated. Data is never erased unless the subconscious mind gives that command.
    For example, when you walk or drive to your destination, you do it automatically without being aware of it – that is your subconscious mind doing the whole process without your conscious mind.
    The subconscious brain is very good at its job and works 24 hours a day on keeping us alive.

    The subconscious controls and regulates involuntary functions of the body such as breathing, circulation, Metabolism, Digestion, hormone balance, etc.

    So you may wonder. . how do you tweak or make your subconscious mind to lose weight easily? The answer is. . . Hypnosis!

    Hypnosis is done by bypassing your conscious mind to your subconscious mind giving instructions and storing them successfully.
    That is why people can quit smoking, feel extremely motivated, attain success easily, study easily and so on Successfully just after 1 session of hypnosis! Even faith-healing uses Hypnosis!

    My friend tried hypnosis to lose weight. Initially, her weight was 198lbs and she lost 18. 3lbs within 3-weeks! All by natural metabolism! And she never even change her diet but ate as normal!

    The best thing about losing weight via metabolism is. . . it burns fat everywhere in your body equally! This makes your body look perfect in shape!

    You will thank me because I can guarantee you Hypnosis Works! You can just let your natural metabolism be high and Lose Fat Doing NOTHING effectively and immediately or be motivated to stop binge eating and exercise regularly without pain or laziness!

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