What Are Your Best Tips On How To Quit Smoking?

What are your best tips on how to quit smoking?


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  • myoneonhere says:

    You will find that these numerous ways to stop smoking all have to do with distancing yourself from the need to have cigarettes and other nicotine based products. The more known ways will include placing nicotine patches on your body, in particular on your upper arm. The sensations which are produced by this patch are designed to deaden your response to nicotine.

    Of the many smoking quit tips joining a support group is a good one. These people will have all of the experience of going through the trauma of quitting smoking. You will be able to ask for help from these support groups.

    These methods all deal with the chemical reaction that is caused. The subconscious side of the problem needs to be dealt with in another way. Here you will find many people who will tell you that one of the smoking quit tips involves hypnosis.

    These methods will sometimes cost more than the usual ways to quit but they are said to have more of an effect on smokers. While these ways to quit smoking take time, there is yet other to try. These are laser treatment and quitting cold turkey. The treatment in soft laser therapy will allow you an easy way to quit your smoking habit.

    When you are looking into the smoking quit tips about this route you will see that laser treatment is not thought of as being dangerous to your body. The treatment looks into changing the reactions of your endorphins towards smoking.
    The full article and more are here: http://www. shops-flower. com/1/smoking/Smoking-Quit-Tips. php

  • LaNell the Relationship Expert says:

    Stop putting cigarettes in your mouth. If you find that you failed doing that, don’t light it on fire once it is in there. If you failed there, too, throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Anyone addicted to cigarettes is weak and sick in the head and needs to get it together before death comes knocking. Plus, smoking stinks like hell and is filthy and disgusting so even if it wasn’t unhealthy who would want to do it? Good show for you for wanting to quit, and no cheating, either.

  • Raven says:

    Cold turkey. Throw out anything you have left. Stay out of the stores you usually buy them from as much as possible. Stop doing activities that make you most want to smoke as much as you can. I quit 18 years ago. I didn’t play cards, go into bars, etc for about a year. I had my husband get gas in the car so I stayed out of the carryouts. That’s the kind of stuff that helped me.

  • RichSD says:

    I just quit like 10 days ago, and honestly I’ve pretty much forgotten about them, only very slight cravings. Some tips:

    1. The day you quit, pick a very low stress day. Don’t work this day, or have any pressing issues at hand. Be Lazy, just watch tv and chill out, anything more will make you crave much more.

    2. Cut down on caffiene/sugar and fats. They make you crave. I drink alot of powerade, rather than soda now (I know water would still be better).

    3. Sleep. Make sure you sleep as long as you need to. You’ll probably be very tired after your first day without a smoke, even though you’ve been lazy. Sleep in until you aren’t tired at all, every minute seems to make the next day easier.

    Well good luck!

  • Ride seeker says:

    People are motivated in different ways, some want to save money, other don’t want to stink, others want to be healthy.
    If you want to save money, check out this web site. . .
    http://www. quitmeter. com/index. php
    If you don’t want to stink, try a gum, patch or pill.
    The main thing I recommend, is joining a gym.
    Working out helps with the cravings.
    Also, if you have the will power, hold an unlit cig in your mouth.

    What I did is bought a new (not brand new) car and made it a no smoking car, that helped me learn not to smoke while driving. Then I joined a gym, and when I got cravings for a smoke, I chewed on a unlit cig for flavor. I have been smoke free for over 6 years now!

    Good luck to you, you will love it when you quit.

  • Warren D says:

    I quit cold turkey. I think that is probably the best way if you can do it. Some people can’t.

    First, you have to really WANT to quit. If that isn’t a sincere desire you can’t make the commitment to quit, and you have to make that commitment if you want to stay quit.

    Not everyone who thinks they want to quit really wants to. And you might truly believe you want to quit and you might not have the commitment to make it stick.

    My advice is to keep trying. Learn every time you quit. Don’t give up. Keep track of how long you are able to stay quit and what triggered you to backslide if you didn’t succeed. And try again.

    Contrary to what some people have said, quitting and failing doesn’t weaken you in quitting–it should teach you more about how your habit operates and what you can do about it.

    If self-help doesn’t work, consider support groups. I also suggest you speak to a doctor about quitting, since there are medical aspects of the habit and the quitting process.

    There are also aids to quitting smoking.

    Best approach: Tell everyone you know you are quitting. Get rid of everything associated with the habit–lighters, ash trays, unsmoked cigarettes. Everything. Brag that you can and will quit.

    Then quit the filthy habit. You’ll be better for it. I quit, by the way, in 1971 after smoking about 13 years.

  • Dont_do_that says:

    Hi! the best thing to do is to be stubborn, exactly the same way when someone offers you to do, eat or drink something you don’t like, every time you hear your INTERNAL VOICE ordering you what to do, all you say is NOT and you may ask yourself, who’s telling me to do that? nobody is going to tell me what to do and I know that the smoke will hurt my Lungs, my clothes stinks, my teeth’s get yellow and my breath smell like a sh*%^, why I have to hurt myself?
    If you really can’t avoid smoking, you can light up the cigarrette but put it out after 2 or 3 zips, think about you are burning your money.
    I belive that smoking is just like food, sex or anything else, if you don’t have food you won’t eat, if you don’t have a partner you won’t have sex, so, don’t buy cigarrettes then you won’t smoke. When you were 10 yo, you didn’t smoke, you watched TV, did homework, ride your bike instead, why you have to smoke now in order to survive?
    I think everything is in our mind, I can smoke, drink, go to the movie or take a shower when I WANT not when somebody else tell me what to do. TRY IT OUT AND LET ME KNOW if this works for you. Being stuborn it’s amazing

  • misspookett says:

    never start. The best tip EVER. .

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