How Long After Quitting Smoking Does Nicotine Show Up On Blood Test?

How long after quitting smoking does nicotine show up on blood test?

I have a blood test for medical purposes that I just found out I have to take. I can easily quit smoking, so how long beforehand do I have to stop smoking to get clean results?


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  • disbelief says:

    nicotine will be gone in 3 days.

  • Brigmo94 says:

    So many variables like what kind of blood test and what technology they’re using for the test. In order to know the fact as to how long nicotine stays in your system, you need to remember the duration of smoking and the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Usually nicotine persists in the body for 2-4 days but in some cases it may also last for a few months. However, in the case of passive smoking the nicotine remains in the body for a long time. This is very, very rare though and 95% of the time only 5 days, TOPS.

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