How Do You Do To Stop Smoking?

How do you do to stop smoking?

How to stop smoking? I’ve been free for over a week but I’m during for a cigarette :(
Im turning 22 and have been a smoker sence 2009. . . I have just quit and It has been over a week. Im terrified of getting sick!


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  • Alex says:

    The fake electric smokers help a lot.

    But you shouldn’t have started in the first place.

  • anonymous says:

    What is done is done. I think the best and only way to really stop is to control yourself. If you just swallow those pills of nicotine it won’t change, it’ll be even worth when you stop taking them.

  • Chickita says:

    Congratulations! Nicotine is a psychological drug, it makes you believe you need it, all you have to do now is not give in to the mind games. You are so much bigger than that stupid death stick!

  • Rick says:

    You’ve done great so far. Nicotine is physically addictive, more so than heroin, and you have beaten it! http://www. cdc. gov/tobacco/quit_smoking/how_to_quit/you_can_quit/nicotine/ The rest of the symptoms are in your head. One quits for good by choosing not to smoke each time the urge hits. It’s simple and easy if you have decided to quit for good. It’s difficult if you think you can have one now and then and haven’t made the commitment to stop. Remember this: Too Many Have Successfully Quit For You Not To. You can see this through!

  • Rene says:

    – i know that this mite sound lame for an answer, but the only way 2 stop smoking is by wanting 2.
    – if u really want 2 stop, u’ll stop.
    – it’s as easy as that sounds.
    – there is no easy way or trick.
    – u either want 2 or u don’t.
    – it’s that simple.
    – i stop smoking like10 or so years ago & there r still time when i would kill 2 have just 1 more smoke, so. . .
    – be stong & good luck.

  • Kevin T says:

    eat some sunflower seeds

  • WiseOwl says:

    Just keep doing what your doing. I did it, went cold turkey as they say. In about 2 months the craving will stop. The butts taste awful. . gross. . . In a yrs time you way out of the woods. i’ve been free now for over 20 yrs. . try chewing gum. .

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