How Can I Get The Mind Set On Quieting Somking And To Lose Weight , Without Having To Spend A Lot Of Money?

How can I get the mind set on quieting somking and to lose weight , without having to spend a lot of money?


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  • blondecoley says:

    think of dying

    smoking kills people

    and so does being fat

    so just think. . . . when you take that cig or when you eat a bag of chips. . . do you really WANT to die?



    you need some self control

    good luck!!!!! =D

  • skaterboiz says:

    Well work on smoking first. It will save you money and doing two things at once is difficult. Many people quitting smoking eat more, so dietting is after quitting smoking not before. Diet foods etc are more expensive than regular foods. Think how much healthier you will be, how much longer you will live, how much more kissable you will be and do this to quit smoking. Girst week, one time during the day you want a cigarette. don’t have it. Continue the process for several weeks, you can smoke as much as you want as long as the fist week u skip one, then the second u skip two. . its a learned behavior you are unlearning.

  • undertow526 says:

    i dont know, but when you figure it out please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wannaknow says:

    I would recommend taking it slow and focusing on one thing at a time. It might be really hard for your body to quit smoking and lose weight at the same time.
    Check out this website on quitting smoking http://www. anti-smoking. org/
    For losing weight, Glamour has a program that is completely free and it’s all done online, check it out
    http://www. glamour. com/bbg/

  • witterwax says:

    Which do you want to do? if you eat sensibly while giving up smoking you shouldn’t put on too much weight but try doing one thing at a time. Giving up smoking will make you live long enough to lose any weight you might have put on and to set your mind to it well if you are strong willed that should be easy. say to yourself, “I am not a smoker, I have never been a smoker, who in their right minds would want to smoke” even while you light up and are smoking. At the same time think of a date a couple of weeks ahead and focus on it. You will end up saying “on the 6th of may I will give you up, you disgust me” or what ever works for you. Try not to dwell on smoking during the hours, days, weeks and months that pass but congratulate yourself at every milestone instead. I kept silent about giving up so people didn’t constantly ask how i was doing or whether I had had a smoke that day, it p-ss-s you off so avoid situations like that and good luck; it is worth it.

  • megancrtr says:

    Have a look at this website for lots of free advice http://www. quitguide. com Click on the page that says “Smoking and Weight,” and all your questions will be answered.

  • jadryn8888 says:

    lose weight

    BREAKFAST: Prefer
    Carbohydrates, whole-wheat bread, whole grain cereal
    Skimmed milk or light tea or decaffeinated coffee.
    LUNCH: This is the main meal. Prefer
    A salad, boiled vegetables as starter,
    Bread and/ or rice.
    Whole grain vegetables like kidney beans (rajma), chick peas (chole), dal.
    Lightly cooked green vegetables.
    Skim yogurt
    EVENING TEA: Any fruit with tea or coffee.

    DINNER: Should be light with no fat. Prefer
    A vegetable soup as starter
    Rice or bread. If you had roti for lunch then have rice for dinner.
    Whole grain vegetables like kidney beans (rajma), chick peas (chole), dal.
    Lightly cooked green vegetables.
    Skim yogurt
    Any dessert with minimum sugar.

    quit smoking

    Below, some tips to help you quit smoking are listed. First and foremost, set a quit date and quit COMPLETELY on that day. To prepare for that day:

    Identify the times you are most likely to smoke. For example, do you tend to smoke when feeling stressed? When you are out at night with friends? While you are drinking coffee? When you are bored? While you are driving?
    Keep a diary to help you determine such risky times. Record each time you have a cigarette, including time of day and what you are doing.
    Make a plan about what you will do instead of smoking at those times that you are most likely to smoke. For example, drink tea instead of coffee — tea may not trigger the desire for a cigarette. Or, take a walk when feeling stressed. Remove ashtrays and cigarettes from the car. Place pretzles or hard candies there instead. Pretend-smoke with a straw.
    Let all of your friends, family, and co-workers know of your plan to stop smoking and your quit date. Just being aware that they know can be a helpful reminder and motivator.
    Prior to your quit date, start reducing your cigarette use, including decreasing the number and strength of the cigarettes. However, DON’T do this simply to make your diary “look good!” Get rid of all of your cigarettes just prior to the quit date and clean out anything that smells like smoke, such as clothes and furniture.
    Other tips that can help you quit and stay quit include:

    Enroll in a smoking cessation program (hospitals, health departments, community centers, and work sites frequently offer programs).
    Ask your health care provider for advice, including whether prescription medications (such as bupropion — Zyban or Wellbutrin) are safe and appropriate for you.
    Find out about nicotine patches, gum, and sprays.
    Try hypnosis — it works for some people.
    Avoid smoke-filled settings and situations in which you are more likely to smoke.
    Exercise to relieve urges to smoke.

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