Hypnosis To Stop Smoking?

Hypnosis to stop smoking?

Have any of you tried hypnosis to stop smoking?

If so, how well did it work?


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  • versantly says:

    avoid it -see your doctor for Chantix.

  • Anatomy says:

    there are 100 ways to quit. some ways are better than others, but all-in-all, all have a pretty lousy success rate. chantix, i think, has a success rate of less then 30%, but dont quote me on that. your best bet is to use a combination of methods. hypnosis is great for relaxation. hypnosis is a type of guided meditation. some people are open to hypnotic suggestions, but really, its just a hour or two of really intense relaxation. . . . nothing more. believe it or not, the patch is still probably the best way to quit. so, if you want (and can afford it) do the patch (or chantix, or zyban) and hypnosis.

    also, build up your support group. and after you have gone your first day without smoking, just think how hard it was and remind yourself that you dont ever want to deal with yet another first-day-off-cigarettes again. once you quit, quit for good and never take another drag from a cigarette or other form of tobacco.

  • Susan Yarrawonga says:

    Hypnosis can only help you if you are willing and wishing.

    If you are a resistant subject a hypnotist can’t help you.

  • David says:

    Yes and it can work but you do need to really really want to quit. Success rate with hypnosis is around 60%. . . depending largely on the skill of the hypnotist.
    People can and do give up without any form of assistance too.

  • nuc99705 says:

    I tried to quit for years. Nothing worked till I got the patch. Since then I haven’t smoked for over 6 years. Read about my struggle here.
    http://bit. ly/SkJPv

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