How To Reduce Bad Feelings When Quitting Smoking?

How to reduce bad feelings when quitting smoking?

I’m planning on quitting smoking in a few days. I’ve tried before and failed miserably. I really want to quit this time though. I don’t have a problem with the cravings as much as the horrible feelings I get. I’ve been struggling with depression and other mental issues for a few years now and everything seems to worsen when I try to quit smoking. I get depressed, urges to self harm, irritable, anxious, and a whole bunch of other things. My question is, how can I reduce those feelings without the use of medication?


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  • POWERED TOAST MAN!!! says:

    workout, its the best way to beat addiction

  • hart says:

    take vitamin B3 niacin and eat a apple

  • Amanda says:

    Working out is good, and keep in mind they have some new device that lets you smoke without the nicotine. The thing that finally made me stop was motivation from someone who mattered, which happened to be my boyfriend. I knew how much it hurt him every time I so much as talked about it. If you have a significant other, I’m sure they want the best health for you. If not them than choose your closest family member(s) and consider them. Think of someday when you have kids (or if you already do) and how great you’d look with a nice tracheotomy (hole in your neck). It’ll suck at first as I’m sure you are aware, but will get better the longer you can maintain life without one. Pick up a new hobbie, like going to the gym, yoga, wrestling, anything else to fill your time.

  • ...and the crowd goes wild! says:

    When you finally stop, don’t wake up and smoke a cigarette. I am a smoker, and never could quit after I woke up and smoked a cig. Your symptoms sound like cravings to me, too.

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