Can Hyperthyroidism Be Reversed If You Stop Smoking?

Can hyperthyroidism be reversed if you stop smoking?

My TSH level last week at a health screening was 0. 007. If I stop smoking, is it likely that my TSH level will return to normal or is will I also have to take medication for the rest of my life? Is it possible to take medication for a brief period?


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  • Alissa says:

    No, stopping smoking most likely will not make a difference. They should find out if there’s a reason why you are hyperthyroid, though. Most times, it’s a tumor on the thyroid gland which, when removed, resolves the hyperthyroidism. But, most likely you will have to take some type of medicine for the rest of your life and get your levels checked frequently at first and then routinely.

    Sometimes the thyroid has to be completely removed and then synthetic thyroid hormone needs to be taken for the rest of your life.

  • smurfette_the_blue_slut says:

    tsh levels are not connected to smoking at all. this condition is hereditary and more than likely you will e taking a thyriod supplement hormone and having once monthly blood draws for the rest of your life

    if you stop taking the meds, your tsh levels will probley be more off than they were to begin with

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