Hypnosis. . . Does It Work?

Hypnosis. . . Does it work?

I have an iPhone and I love downloading applications. I saw one for custom hypnosis for things like sleep disorders, smoking, and even weight loss. Has anyone ever had hypnosis to stop doing something or to do something better and does it work?


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  • Mo says:

    well, it doesnt work all the time, it only works if you want it to work, i have done research like at school and stuff, and it only works if u open ur mind and let, if not then it doesn’t work. Good Luck!!

  • Dr. Psy says:

    Its unlikely that your iPhone program will work, but yes hypnosis does work and can be extremely helpful in treating various problems. I have been hypnotized before and I have treated people using hypnotherapy. Some people are more easily put under, but it can be helpful for pretty much everyone. I would recommend finding a trained and certified professional for solid results, though.

  • Lawrie says:

    All hypnosis is merely self-hypnosis, even when there is another person doing the talking. The hypnotherapist is merely a facilitator to allow you to hypnotize yourself.

    If you REALLY want to stop smoking or loose weight or . . . . . then hypnosis had a high probability of working but you must want the change.

    People who get up on stage doing those ‘strange’ things would actually do them anyway if they had a few drinks. Stage hypnosis works by getting the most extroverted and suggestible people to participate.

    As a hypnotherapist, I can usually tell in the first meeting if the person is there for themselves and is committed or are there for someone else.

    The iPhone application you are referring to is quite large coming in at nearly 100Mb. I am installing it onto my iPhone as I type this message.

    Before it loads, I will just place a cautionary note here. Using any form of hypnosis in an open public space without the supervision of someone could be dangerous and irresponsible. Especially if you do not know the goal of the hypnotic trance.

    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is another approach you may wish to look at and I have provided a link to it’s website below.

    OK – now I know why this iPhone app is so large. It is nothing more than a music player. The suggestions are coming from a person not from the phone.

    This is OK but I would recommend finding some good CD’s and copying the tracks to your iPhone. They will have a better voice quality and you have more control over the process. Voice tonality is a key issue in hypnosis and this app seemed lacking in the bass tones.

    I hope this has been useful.


    Lawrie Walters

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