If You Stop Smoking Do Your Lungs Start To Lose The Tar They Had Previously Absorbed?

If you stop smoking do your lungs start to lose the tar they had previously absorbed?

My dad stopped smoking and I want to know if the tar (and other things but mainly tar) goes away


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  • David says:

    they do start to cleanse themselves. if there,s any damage done, like emphysema, it,s usually permanent.

  • vmaldia says:

    AFAIK the carbon particles stay for life but other non damaged cells grow and multiply to take over. In a few years his lung function will be average for a guy his age

  • ATLyssalovesMikeyway :) says:

    Once you start smoking, there is already damage. Some damage may be little or big. If your father quit early, then that “damage” could possibly be gone through medicines.
    If you think your father had been smoking for quite some time, it’s better to be sure and ask for a lung x-ray so you see if there’s some bad things done. :]

    Goodluck on that.

  • Dredd says:

    I have heard that for every year of smoking, it will cost you a year of non smoking, to get rid of the tar.

    I have a cigarette for you with no tar, if you are interested.

    Here it is: http://www. greensmoke. com/bestprice


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