How Can I Convince My Dad To Stop Smoking. . . ?

how can i convince my dad to stop smoking. . . ?

has anyone had any luck getting through to someone who doesn’t want to stop smoking. he can do it, he’s stopped cold turkey before, but although he knows all the dangers, he just doesn’t seem to want to quit. is there anything compelling i can say or do to make him stop. any success stories out there?


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  • kelthomp says:

    Well you know my dad stopped for 6 months before he found out he had cancer. He died 4 months later. I was 15 when this happened. I am married now and my husbands smokes, he actually trying to quit now. He takes Welbutrin to help with the anxiety. It can happen, he just has to want to quit. GOOD LUCK!!!

  • anoldmick says:

    After six years of teaching a successful smoking-cessation clinic, I can tell you that trying to compel quitting is not helpful at all. Invariably, the smoker feels nagged, belittled and marginalized when people do that. You know yourself how it irritates you when people bug you about your behavior. What makes you think your dad is going to feel any differently?

    The person who succeeds at stopping smoking WANTS to quit. He or she has the greatest chance of success when he or she combines a reputable cessation clinic with family and peer support. For many folks, the various quitting aids out there – like the nicotiene patch – add another helpful tool to resist the urges to resume smoking. Almost nobody ever quits using those patches or the other stop-smoking aids alone. Hypnosis has been tried by a number of people who came to my clinic, and it has never worked for them, and I suspect it really does not work for anyone who without a secret plan to make money by pretending hypnosis really does help.

    Leave your dad alone. Like you said, he knows all the particulars about the dangers of continuing to smoke. Just let him know you support and love and care about him. It is reasonable to ask him to quit for your health benefit once. Beyond, that, you’re nagging again. If you’re old enough to move out, do it. If you’re living independently from home, you are entirely within your rights to tell your dad he cannot smoke in your home. If you have children and permit your dad, their grandpa, to smoke around them, you’re failing your duty as a parent. And in some communities you can be brought up on charges of child abuse or neglect for not keeping smokers out of their home!

    Be prepared for the eventualiy that he ain’t gonna quit ever. Sad, but like I said in the beginning, you can’t MAKE him change. But you can take reasonable steps to protect yourself from his addictive habit.

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