How Do I Get Someone To Stop Smoking Weed?

How do I get someone to stop smoking weed?

My boyfriend has been doing it for quite some time now. I’m never around him when he does it but I’m close friends with a friend he does do it around. This “close friend” encourages it, & sometimes even participates. I want them both to stop. I mean, my boyfriend just smoking is enough but I just hate the idea of him, or anyone smoking weed. I want him to stop smoking it, i know this could take awhile, but I at least want to know how to get him to stop. And if I could to get him to stop smoking, period.


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  • Trust me, I'm a Lawyer! says:


  • hey girl heeyyy says:

    whats your reasoning for wanting him to quit? how is it hurting you or even him? it’s not. . . so just calm down dont be that annoying girlfriend who wants her bf to quit smoking weed for no reason. maybe you should try smoking with him.

  • Jimmy says:

    how dare you

  • Chris Monk says:

    Marijuana is what’s going to keep him from getting cancer from smoking cigarettes. Plus, you CANNOT die from marijuana. How dare you try and impose lifestyle choices upon someone else, that’s guarded by the constitution of Canada.

  • Panda says:

    Him smoking it shouldn’t hurt anybody. If he wants to smoke it, let him smoke it. If you disapprove, then it’s your loss.

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