Has Anyone Tried Acupuncture Or Hypnosis To Stop Smoking?? Does It Work?

has anyone tried acupuncture or hypnosis to stop smoking?? does it work?

i have been trying some pills, they affect me really bad. they made me extremly aggressive and it was scary so i was wondering about these other methods.
gee thanks, only people who want to help should answer this please. . . . at least im trying to quit


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  • The_Dragon_Shenron_UK says:

    No but some people I know tried lung cancer and death, that helped them stop smoking!

  • David says:

    Hypnosis can be real effective for quitting smoking, long as you really want to, and to that I think you would succeed with it.

  • Robin says:

    I tried hypnosis once but lit up when I left. I was chewing gum and that was a distraction so if you go with that, make sure you are completely relaxed and not chewing gum or anything. I knew several people who have tried acupuncture and 2 people have not smoked and it’s been about 4 years now. Another one went back to smoking in a month or so. I am thinking about trying it. I don’t want to try Chantix because of a lot of people having such bad side effects.
    I think the best option for me right now is the acupuncture. I want to quit really bad. I wish it was easy.
    Good luck and hope whatever you try that it works for you!!

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