Has Anyone Used Hypnosis To Quit Smoking? If So, Did It Work For You?

Has anyone used hypnosis to quit smoking? If so, did it work for you?

How much can I expect to pay? Is it a one time thing?


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  • Chance20_m says:

    No clue how much it costs, but remember that it is part of a larger quitting program, not a cure by itself (for most people).

  • MN-Mike says:

    I have heard people say this hypnosis program worked for them . . . and it is guaranteed. If you really want to quit, it will definitely help.

    http://www. instant-hypnosis. com/hypnosis/stop_smoking_hypnosis. aspx

    Here is another guaranteed program that has an honest feel to it but I have no idea. . . . worth a try I would think. . . I like the name of it.

    http://www. StopSmokingSucks. com


  • PRISSY says:

    yes. . . . OMG I wanted to go buy cigarettes and I just forgot to go. . . really. . . . it was a hoot. . . . and I love to smoke. . . . just go to a real hypnotist.

  • sassy_cheesesicle says:

    My mom did.

    She paid like 20 bucks for group hypnosis, an additional 25 for a CD to listen to at night, to “reinforce” the hypnosis.

    She hasn’t had another cigarette since, this was 5 years ago.

    She had tried the gum, patch, etc. This is the one thing that worked for her.

    She said you really have to want to quit though. The other people who went to the session. . . it didn’t work for, but they were skeptical going in.

    Good Luck!

  • DanielleC says:

    Mine was $80 bucks in Saint louis for 1 visit and it was a waste of time!! It is something that you have to keep going and going and going. There is a treatment out there that they do something in your ear like an acupressure type of thing that I have heard works and it is over a few week period of time but it works. It has like a 80% success rate which is pretty good considering all the gums and junk out there to help stop. Best of Luck!!

  • Claire says:

    I’m constanly now being asked “How Do I Stop Smoking?”
    I really emphathise with you, I quit my 20 a day habit in a pain-free way!
    No stress, no cravings, no weight gain, no pills, patches or gums.
    The program I followed was recommended by a friend and now boasts a 90% success rate and is 100% fully guaranteed – can’t say fairer than that

    All the best. .

    http://simonjs007. qsrnp. hop. clickbank. net

  • Dimar m says:

    It is not important HOW you quit, only THAT you quit. Hypnosis works for some and not for others, just the same as any other quit method. Addiction to smoking is tricky–it varies from person to person, so each person has to find their own quit method. The method that statistically has the highest success rate, however, is still “cold turkey”. That is how I did it, and though it was not easy, every day I didnt smoke got a little better than the one before, for the most part. The thing that helped me a LOT was an online support forum on About. com. There are lots of tricks out there, and you will find them all there, from people all over the world, at all stages of the “quitting game”. Good luck. It’s been 1. 8 years for me, and I feel great. I dont miss it at all.

  • Marc H says:

    I have it worked for about a month now back smoking

  • mg3 says:

    Yes, and it does work. I went to the Cernie Institute in Riverside, CA. Sally Cernie did an hour long session and gave me a tape to listen to everyday after that for about 30 days. It’s been 3 months!

  • Cathy G says:

    Don’t get hypnotized. Read up on some stories of other people that have had it done. The person hypnotizing you can do whatever they like, it’s not safe.

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