How Long Until The Cravings Stop?????

How long until the cravings stop?????

I smoked cigarettes for 3 years in college, but have quit cold turkey since the 1st of the year. Have not had one cigarette, chew, or cigar since. How long is it supposed to be until the cravings fully stop? Even this morning as I sit at work I want to migrate outside and have a cigarette. I had heard that it was 30 days, but it has been over 60 now…


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  • adviltaker14 says:

    It’s mental. Cravings only last usually for 3 mins, but it feels like it lasts forever. You just have to program your brain when you notice you are craving them that you don’t need them.

  • BabeHeart says:

    I’ve known people who have been quit for MANY years, and still occasionally have cravings.

  • Tracy M says:

    The cravings pretty much never go away. . . . even people who haven’t smoked in years will sometimes get a craving out of the blue. It typically only lasts a few minutes and passes so just busy yourself during that time until the craving passes. They do get less frequent the longer you don’t smoke though.

  • MsSmurfy says:

    The best way to alleviate the ‘cravings’ it to change habits. . . if you smoked during outside breaks & hang with those that did or still do. . . then find another avenue to tred upon, go another way! If you smoked when having a cup of coffee or after a meal, find something to ‘replace’ that! Habitually means just that. . . a habit, where one is most comfortable & returns to that behavior repeatedly. Breaking old habits is the best way to ‘help’ you kick the habit (of smoking). Fill those ‘habitual’ moments with totally different things now. . . walking in the morning instead of having that cup-o-coffee right away. . . you can have coffee just make it a bit later & include a new habit while doing so! I know it sounds too easy. . . how can it work. . . but it does! If you tend to smoke while on the phone, pick up a pen & scribble on note paper make lists of things you have planned to accomplish. . . smoking while drinking alcohol is a big one, & tough one to break. . . but you can IF you find a way to change that habit. . . while having a drink. . . get up & do something instead of sitting for long periods of time. Place a heavy duty rubberband around your wrist~’SNAP’ it smartly so you feel the ‘twang’ each time you have that craving. . . this is called ‘conditioning’ . . . it can work IF you want it to! Some people swear by Hypnosis. . . or Laser. . . they may work for some but not all. . . they can be costly as well! If you find you crave & then put something to eat in your mouth. . . make it something longlasting like mints, gum, or peppermint anything, even lollypops/suckers/candy canes all help! Because it is not only something in your mouth giving flavor satisfaction but it also occupies your hands. KUDO’s to you for breaking the habit. . . think of ALL the $$$ you can now have. . . no longer wasting away on those yukky cigs! Keep up the effort! You WILL be glad you did!! Take care~

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