Does Hypnosis Really Work To Stop Smoking And To Loose Weight?

does hypnosis really work to stop smoking and to loose weight?


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  • hazelbrwneyz says:

    Yes, but you MUST be a willing participant. When I was pregnant with my son, I stopped smoking with hypnosis. . . but I REALLY wanted to stop.

  • clueless says:

    yea. . . !

  • digi says:

    Everything is the power of your mind.

    You mind has two parts . . one concious part and other sub-concious part.

    Well if you can train you sub-concious brain to want to loose weight then there is nothing like that.

    Well if you frequently use your computer you’ll know that you would be typing even without looking into your keyboard.

    I’m sure you know what I mean. . so training your sub-concious mind to loose weight is just the same . .

    All the best and please do post your results.

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  • You Can Quit says:

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    I tried this program and it changed my life.

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