Has Anyone Ever Used Hypnotherapy Cd’s, And If So Did They Work?

Has anyone ever used hypnotherapy cd’s, and if so did they work?

I’m trying to curb my appetite. . . friend that tried the stop smoking one had a lot of success. . . I’m wondering if anyone has tried the weight loss one and had any success?


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  • gmcereska says:

    I’ve tried one for relaxation, smoking and weight loss. . . and to be honest, they didn’t work for me. But everyone is different. Some people are just more open to the powers of hypnosis than others. I think my subconscious is just as stubborn as I am! lol!

  • Saint Radio says:

    I had a friend who used both hypnotherapy sessions with a therapist and CD’s for weight loss. And she did great.

  • xox_bass_player_xox says:

    I have never tried a CD but I did go see a hypnotherapist about 10 years ago. It did work for a while. I lost about 40 pounds over the summer. Slowly over the next 5 years I gained it all back.

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