Quit Smoking With The Ex-Smoker. Introduction Part 1

Quit Smoking with The Ex-Smoker. Introduction part 1

Hello there, My name is Anthony and I am an Ex-smoker. I believe that there are millions of people probably like you too, who wish to become an ex-smoker for. . .

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  • polidori99 says:

    Hi there I watched your videos just before I stopped smoking a year ago, they were the most fantastic help. I was a 30-40 a day smoker and started when I was 14 I’m now 49 and even though it has been very difficult to give up, your videos and will power which I never knew I had,
    I hope that I can now call myself a non-smoker!

  • letsdancedavebowie says:

    hi there. i am 19 and i smoked for like a month but now i decided to quit before i became too addicted. it’s a waste of time anyway and i only done it because i was severely depressed due to the death of my mother. i actually don’t believe that smoking is as harmful to us as the government makes out though. i think it is bullshit personally. i don’t even necessarily believe smoking leads too lung cancer and since they haven’t done any real studies on groups, i don’t believe it.

  • Anthony Schneider says:

    Hi. I’m looking for people to interview (via audio on SKYPE) who have quit smoking permanently and would like to share their own personal story how they quit and then I would put the interview on a podcast that I’m starting, to help people who want to quit smoking get real ideas and advice of successful quitters. If anyone is interested to help me & other smokers quit then please don’t hesitate to contact me via YouTube message for more info. Thanks & hope to hear from you soon. Anthony

  • polidori99 says:

    Hi, I’m on day 5 of quitting. I smoked 30 a dayand I thought I have no will power well its turns out I have! thank you so much for your vids, It was great to hear someone finally telling us smokers what we already know but do not want to admit that we are addicts in the same way as alcoholics or junkies. We just like to think that we are superior to them because our  addiction is legal.

  • creol22 says:

    Okay mr. Teacher, I will take my time to watch all you videos.
    I hope it will work for me too. . .

  • Anthony Schneider says:

    Hi there . . . How ya doin?
    Thanks for the comment/question :)
    OK. . . so. . . What exactly is there to like about something that kills millions of people prematurely through lung cancer and heart disease. That puts cracks on people’s faces because it saps the skin of nutrients and makes smokers look ten years older than what they really are.
    You are disillusioned because you are young and think you are free from the diseases that come free with smoking. Heroin addict like Heroin. Think!!

  • pinkcat2010 says:

    What if you want to quit but you like it also,i have a love hate with it can you stop that way?

  • dinogrower says:

    No one was ever to help me quit smoking in fifteen years. Until I found this guys videos. He is AWESOME! More than a month already! YEAH!

  • Phill Mcrackin' says:

    Hello, I’m 16 and this is my third day off the cigs, to be honest it’s quite easy, bar the urges now and then. . . but what i wanted to know is, will the craving get any worst? or easier? I have been smoking for the best part of two years. .

    *ironic name i know**

  • forestskog says:

    This is a really useful set of viideos you put up here. Thanks

  • Linda Lee says:

    thank you. . off to part 2

  • Anthony Schneider says:

    Thanks Naveed. . . good luck. listen to the available videos. . if you havent smoked for a week then you can continue for the rest of your life. How much pain have you suffered since you stopped? None right? Exactly.
    Just remember that you need 3 weeks or so to be completely cleaned out. 3 weeks is going to come anyway. Be happy your free. . be happy and shout it out that you are an ex-smoker. Look at smokers at pity them. Look at smokers and see how they are not in control of their lives like you are :)

  • Michael Korben says:

    i like this video, im on my first week of not smoking after 8 years, this deffinitely helps. . .

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