Help Me And Others Find The Key To Stop Smoking

help me and others find the key to stop smoking

well i need help to stop smoking and a big thanks to my friend iggy35 for trying to help too. at lest post a comment or a vid or something to help me out than. . .

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  • KaGoUrAs3 says:

    You can just dont give a fuck for people that say ur voice is like a mans;) ur voice is fine by the way and good work quiting smoking i used to smoke too and i quit too only thing i smoke is weed:P

  • analyzingfunny says:

    Really, you should smoke. ,

  • InfernulDeDante says:

    just say no to cancer. . . . this is enough for u to quit. . . try watch something scary on google or you tube about the people who were bad smokers and now they end up with they’r throut cut up and not be able to speak or eat. . . . it’s horible believe me!I scared myself by watching videous like that and it worked. . . i quit and never want to lit another CANCER ever again. . . god look and take care!!!!!

  • franciscocerna says:

    i saw this video once it said if u smoke alot when ur 15 or 17 it looks like ur 40 its weird and nasty then u think u have bugs in ur skin so u pinch or poke them and some ppl or should i say alot op people poke hard and blood comes out so i i was u ill quit a long time ago

  • Eddy Rice Jr. says:

    You look like Madonna.
    How is your baby?

  • LichtungNym says:

    People find Allen Carr’s method – either the video or the book, search for it ,called the “Easyway” . . . Google him find something download it if you need help finding it message me. . . Quit it. - Not because of lung cancer. Not because of money. – But because you’re reading this. You *already* do want to quit. Because you want to show yourself you’re more than a mindless organism slave to a simple addiction. . . – Learn the right method to quit and it not only be painless but enjoyable to quit.

  • forestskog says:

    Cool I quit 2. I like your voice actually

  • Hannah Stout says:

    i quit.

  • Ian Warren says:

    This was in 2007. . How did you do with quitting smoking?

  • Hannah Stout says:

    yeah i hate my voice too but what can you do?

  • Renata Mazur says:

    have you tried Champix?

  • Sectorsophia says:

    I have a really profound idea: JUST STOP! You’ll get over the cravings in a week or so.

    Grow some balls and stop giving yourself cancer.

  • network2005 says:

    hi . Go and have a look at ” theexsmoker2008″ here on youtube. just type in the search “the ex smoker” This guy is pretty smart about what you have to do if you want to stop smoking. Have a look. You got nothing to lose. Maybe send him a question coz I am sure you will get some good advice from him. Good luck

  • bongman4ghz says:


  • MrHairyNutz says:

    Dont stop smoking cuz you look hot with one

  • Hannah Stout says:

    Hmm i havent seen it yuck kind of don’t want to haha Thanks Glad u Like my vids Thanks for commenting too. . .

  • detroitkid9099 says:

    u look good baby

  • Unknnnnn says:

    I may be entirely out of context, but I want to talk with you about God. 

  • braveheartfan10101 says:

    to give up tobbaco. smoke weed instead.

  • Joshua Beatty says:

    Smoke! Smoke you’re fucking heart out. Not really I am a smoker also but if you want to really stop smoking then there are plenty of market options to quit. I fyou have the money to buy the cigs then you have the cash to buy the quitting product. No I am not going to quit because it will kill me and then I can become a fucking ZOMBIE. ( I am a ZOMBI freak! Zombies will one day rule the earth and that would fucking rule! Someone go invent the fucking T-Virus for fucks sake. . . please?)

  • Hannah Stout says:

    i quit thank god hope it works out 4- u too.

  • Hannah Stout says:

    if u-r talking about me then Thanks. . 

  • luv2dnce663 says:

    i am like that 2 and i am proud

  • maverick3320 says:

    Don’t be a QUITTER!!!

  • woodworth1 says:

    I managed to quit. . . but started up again like a moron.

    Best thing I found to do was just occupy yourself, sounds stupid but even a good conversation with a friend can help, Not thinking of it means not smoking :o)

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