Giving Up Smoking Cold Turkey

Giving Up Smoking Cold Turkey

http://easywaytoquitsmoking. org When you stop smoking cold turkey you are applying one of the oldest and most popular methods to help people stop smoking. Pe. . .

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  • Thomas Jefferson says:

    I started smoking at 15 I’m 17 now I quit yesterday and I pledge to never smoke again!

  • adam giboney says:

    i dont know, i really like smoking (must of them anyway) it used to be a scoial thing, an easy way for me to break the ice. . . . id quit an all but its just so boring

  • janwilda says:

    Havent had a smoke in a few months now. I just followed some advice I found online. Watch this for help –> bit. ly/MutX4o?=wcsrli

  • schm00pac says:

    After a major heart attack at 36 I quit cold turkey! Never again. . .  EF dat

  • Nick Saucier says:

    Get a provari and you will never light another analog again. Also check out ECF – E-cigarette-forum website

  • Flerg3 says:

    wow, i made that comment 2 years ago. unfortunatly yes, i am. never exceeded a pack a day tho. I did the electric cigarette for a few months which worked great untill the thing broke and i went back to the regular ones.

  • BlackLabelSlushie says:

    So how is it going? Are you still smoking?

  • kapza says:

    Read Allen Carr’s book and stop!

  • Andrew Croome says:

    Really trying to quit? There’s a healthier way to maintain this relaxing and enjoyable smoking sensation without any carcinogens or smoke! Vaporization is the twenty first centuries revolutionary smoking alternative. Icecigs is the markets leading electronic cigarette for price and performance!
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  • athealthtips4me says:

    sound like a good way to

  • shizlgizngar says:

    @24Rorschach fuck off asshole why even reply if you’re just going to be a dick about it? i’ve quit cigs and i’m trying to quit weed and making good progress i’m not a fucking stoner i don’t even smoke a gram per month. FUCK YOU

  • Gerard Zhou says:

    Help yourself you stoner

  • shizlgizngar says:

    i quit smoking cigarettes 4 days ago after 4 years of marlb. reds, and today, i smoked a joint and a full bowl in the pipe, and i’m feeling kind of bad for hitting the weed, it feels like bud is messing up my progress on quitting smoking cigarettes because i want one so bad right now and it feels like the bud smoke is harmful on my lungs i swear i’m choking up right now kinda holding back tears, feel guilty someone help

  • Pure1989 says:

    I’m a smoker again i started again recently, oh well.

  • Cuzzin Coo says:

    have u smoked 1 yet?

  • Pure1989 says:

    I’m 21 and i’ve been smoking heavily for the past 2 and a half years but off and on for about 4 years. and i’ve been smoke free for 1 month and 6 days.

  • Chris K says:

    I’m 17 I have been smoking for a year and a half and I am addicted but I have time to turn it around. I always say next month.

  • Adoron1 says:

    I am 41 and have been smoking since i was 9,and its week 3 without a ciggy or J. . . . and i will Never have another 1. . . . cos IM A NON SMOKER. . . . . . . . . but do enjoy the odd cake. . :)

  • Roots Lifted says:

    im going cold turky today, smoking last of amnessia haze and filthy ciggerettes now. . . . . . . . sh*tting my self, smoked huge bags and lots of fags for about 17 years solid =/

  • larry89 says:

    i was able to quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey by doing this: REALIZING HOW STUPID IT IS. .

  • takingmypicture says:

    does the head of a fag company smoke ? what do you think ? lets vote. . . . . .

  • Sassy8528 says:

    I’m 2 weeks smoking free. . . . after 30+ yrs as a smoker. . . . . . . its not easy but I have an 8 month old grandaughter who I want to see grow up. . . . I just hope and pray I haven’t left it too late.

  • conjo4567 says:

    4 days

  • schitzophrenatic says:

    i’ll quit. . .  it’s just hard. . . and i feel like a whore for letting addiction rape my thoughts with such an expensive and disgusting habit. . .

  • NationalistProd says:

    Almost 6 months clean . . . woo!!

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