20 Year 3 Pack A Day Smoker Quits Cold Turkey!!!Part 2

20 year 3 pack a day Smoker Quits Cold Turkey!!!Part 2

Part 2 Jason Perry uses the Easy way To Quit Smoking to stop cold Turkey after 20 years of chain smoking.

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  • Georgeyboy Lawrence says:

    I believe in you Jason!

  • furrycoat576 says:

    Great job bro, congratulations hope the best

  • Vito Anthony D. says:

    Very very well done. I especially enjoyed your special effect of demonstrating that you would not compromise your determination by completing where the video left off during your last cigarette in the car. Don’t know if this was by design, but it is a really cool example of the determination it takes to successfully quit. You experienced real time, real life, live frustration and you dealt with it by not losing sight of your goal. You made me think. Thank You.

  • bitcyknw says:

    i smoke 4 packs a day. . . . im cooler

  • amandaajt says:

    I used that book too, I quit 5 years ago. I was a 2 pk a day compulsive smoker.  money was the only thing that slowed me down. I am so much healthier now.

  • TxG8r07 says:

    Team success, how do you feel about the electronic cigarettes that are becoming more popular?

  • kabir nawaz says:

    I know what you mean, but I havent had a smoke in years. Theres a few simple thing you can do to help. Watch this for help –> bit. ly/MutLSG?=nqyign

  • EMCPoint0fView says:

    Wow man I didn’t even notice the cheesy pun I made when I said “no buts about it, stuffs addictive” hahaha god i suck

  • TEAMSuccess says:

    No problem!

  • TEAMSuccess says:


  • TEAMSuccess says:

    At least spell it correctly!

  • TEAMSuccess says:

    My friend, your lack of belief doesn’t make it any less true!

  • TEAMSuccess says:

    If I made it anybody can

  • TEAMSuccess says:

    Quit while you are young!

  • TEAMSuccess says:

    My friend it doesn’t matter if you believe something is true or not, if it is true your belief doesn’t change it.

  • TEAMSuccess says:

    You should notice that I have had these videos up for 5 yrs and haven’t even tried to sell anything. I could have easily set up to make sales considering that is what I do for a living, yet that was not my intention for putting up the videos. I guess the reason this time was easy for me to quit was the fact that I was tired of being controlled and that by posting these videos I made a promise to the world that I would never smoke again.
    I have to stay true to my word!

  • TEAMSuccess says:

    I am still a non smoker,I always knew I was addicted.

  • J Allen says:

    I quit smoking with Campral. . . . . Watch my youtube video Campral

  • kapza says:


  • EMCPoint0fView says:

    It’s great that you quit, I hope you’ve stayed off. But I honestly don’t understand how you DIDN’T know that you were addicted to smoking. . . if you were smoking 3-5 packs a day there’s NO way that you didn’t have a slight inkling that you might have a real problem. Obviously you’re aware of how nasty the habit is, but I thought it was super common knowledge that nicotine is quite addictive, no buts about it stuffs addictive. . .

    some compare it to hard drugs. . . butttt thats not true

  • Andrew Croome says:

    Really trying to quit? There’s a healthier way to maintain this relaxing and enjoyable smoking sensation without any carcinogens or smoke! Vaporization is the twenty first centuries revolutionary smoking alternative. Icecigs is the markets leading electronic cigarette for price and performance!
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  • RuneFinity44 says:

    I agree 100%. I was an idiot. A complete senseless idiot. I refused to listen. I DID start smoking that Sunday, and boy do i regret it. I am turning 16 next month, I’ve been smoking more than 2 years. It’s affecting my ability to play sports, and a good chunk of the money I earn (Part time job) goes towards more tobbaco. I smoke far to much, I got physically addicted far quicker than I expected. Once I realized it’s not cool and I was a fool, I was already a smoker. Sucks.
    Don’t start smoking.

  • Chris Lacey says:

    lol.  This should be posted in the dictionary next to the definition of naive.

  • cokebub3 says:

    Whyte traysh. 

  • Evan Last says:

    So you DID quit smoking? How did someone as yourself, so addicted to them, just up and quit?

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