Have You Tried The New Pill “Chantix” To Quit Smoking, Is It Working? Are There Any Side Effects?

Have you tried the new pill “Chantix” to quit smoking, is it working? Are there any side effects?

I am seriously considering to quit smoking and several people have mentioned the new perscription drug that will help. I was just wondering what side effects there are, is this expensive, and how it might be working for other people.


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  • NurseBunny says:

    I took it for a month, had quit smoking by week 3 and have not smoked since. . . about 10 months now! I didn’t have any side effects but I have heard of some people having nausea as a side effect.
    I would definately recommend this anyone trying to stop smoking!

  • Seven53 says:

    Always side effects with pills, usually decreased sex drive (YUCK)

    I quit 5 months ago with the patch. . . . highly recommed it. Good luck to you. I kept thinking (and counting) all of the money I would save. . . . . $900 to date. . . . wow!

  • Amber says:

    My husband and father are both on this drug right now and it is amazing! It isn’t cheap (around $130 in Arkansas), BUT it’s worth it. You should definitely give it a try. If you go to the Chantix website it will explain that it blocks the nerve receptors that are pleasured by nicotine. My husband says that a few times in the last week he has lit a cigarette out of pure habit and then thrown it down after a puff or two b/c it doesn’t taste good to him. We are only on week two, but I hope we have a full recovery. Good Luck quitting!

  • priyabrata d says:

    Ah, it’s nice ,100% working and hygenic — I had it for more than 6 months !

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