What Are Ways To Stop Smoking Cigarettes?

What are ways to stop smoking cigarettes?

does anyone know ways to stop smoking other then the nictotine patch that didnt work at all for me and before i call my doctor and have her switch me to something else i want to read about them


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  • archaeologia says:

    Did you have the right dosage patch, I used Nicorette patch the highest dose and left it on for three days then changed it, I used two and half packets this way, and yes I stopped smoking Nineteen years ago and haven`t touched a cigarette since, don’t give up on them too soon good luck.

  • LadyAngler1221 says:

    Try cutting down one cig at a time every few days. That will help you gradually wind down. Try Nicorette gum and keep stuff to chew on to keep your mouth and hands busy.

  • Handsome Devil says:

    For me it was cold turkey. I changed my diet and went to the gym all the time. Now you can’t pay me to smoke a cigarette! I quit on superbowl sunday three years ago.

  • Your Friendly Jewish Accountant says:

    Cold turkey worked for me.

  • mike jetta says:

    The best way is to cut down to only smoking one or two a day when you most need one. You will find like me that eventially you only smoke one some days,and drink green tea instead.

  • Matt Chim says:

    My friends that quit put something else in their mouths. Usually a lollypop. You’re always going to want that odd satisfaction to put something in your mouth. Other friends have used a toothpick. Others have switch from Marlboro reds to lights to ultra lights over the course of a month or two. They said it was much easier doing it that way than cold turkey. Another way to quit cold turkey is to have a doctor tell you you’re in early stages of cancer and it’s treatable if you stop smoking.

  • domryan22 says:

    you could try hypnotherapy

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