Best Way To Quit Smoking- Stop Smoking Now!

Best way to quit smoking- stop smoking now!

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  • Jared Lehmann says:


    Spend each day with a reminder of what this habit is doing to you. Take 20 min. a day to educate yourself. I smoke too and I want to quit. REMIND YOURSELF EVERY SINGLE DAY of something good about quitting or something bad about continuing to smoke. Post fact sheets around your house of exactly how your health will improve when you quit. Think of your spouse, your kids, and your pets. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it so that someone else doesn’t have to suffer second-hand.

  • Jared Lehmann says:

    What WILL help you quit is seeing up close and personal what smoking will do to you. Put pictures of lungs full of tar around your house. Watch videos of a lung or heart transplant for a smoker (NOT pretty). Look for elderly people with emphysema who need oxygen tanks but are still smoking. Read the stories of people who are dying from smoking-related causes and hear how much they wish they could live. Read the stories of family members who are so grieved by someone who died from smoking.

  • Jared Lehmann says:

    Don’t waste your money on a so-called miracle cure like this one, because you’ll just end up frustrated. It’s not just cutting out the nicotine craving that will help you to stop smoking.

    On the website NaturalNews, there’s an article called “Quit smoking now – 5 strategies that really work. ” There’s a lot more to the enjoyable aspect of smoking than the nicotine itself. Your breathing patterns, behaviors, environment, etc. all play a part. I’m trying to quit and I found it helpful.

  • roger773277 says:

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  • Roz Harris says:

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  • Billy5431000 says:

    Thank god I quit smoking! it feels 100% better. I hate cigarettes now : ) If anyone is interested here is what I used give it a try, and you’ll thank me! link >>>> tinyurl(dot)com/ap74hnt

  • Dave Andrews says:

    Shawn, I’ve had the same problems. Please check out my blog. It’s MUCH MORE than what meets the eye. Feel free to contact me once you’ve joined my list.
    Google “Make Dave Shave” . . . have a laugh & then check out my blog to get HELP for yourself. Dave

  • Dave Andrews says:

    Like it as alternative. Gonna link to my article on same subject. Thanks.
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  • AnimatedToonz says:

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  • drhookingyahoo says:

    Does your product include ‘BULL CRAP’ by any chance. . . . ??

  • TheColourGurl says:

    I quit after 42 years. No anxiety, no withdrawals, no cravings. Just a celebration of freedom. If you want to know how I did it and need encouragement, I invite you to check out my You Tube video. It’s raw but it’s real. I pray that through my testimony, and upon acting on my suggestion, God will touch your body and your mind and cause the same thing that clicked within me to happen to you.

  • Sven Knoff says:

    Four million dollars ad this is the best kind of video you can come up with? LOL This is a joke.

  • Sven Knoff says:

    E cigs have very harmful chemical including diethyl glycol which is also found in antifreeze. I actually called the major e-cig providers and only one would talk to me about it. They also have a reputaion for blowing up in your face. My friend had two of them do this. Patches have worked for me but willpower and exercise have been the best result producer.

  • eCigaretteSmoker says:

    but if you can’t quit cold turkey the best alternative is e-cigarettes, at least you can use them to get yourself “unused” to nicotine again by lowering the nicotine gradually! I’m a living breathing example that it works.

  • jamie Dontworry says:

    this works quit4smoking. weebly. com

  • Charles McClelland says:

    Hey there! thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I hear lots of people keep on talking about conversational hypnosis course called Covertalox Hypnosis (do a google search), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you ever tried Covertalox Hypnosis? I’ve heard several great things about it and my cooworker finally can secretly hypnotize others using it, but he refuses to tell me :(

  • Shawn Cicero says:

    What about alcohol? I want to quit so bad. But I never smoked a cigarette and did half of what alcohol does to a family. Its almost as if since we couldn’t stop it before during prohibition it makes it ok. Alcohol does just as much damage and more effects to those around you.

  • BestWayToStopSmoking says:

    Very informative video and I hope that those watching it actually take action. As for me, electronic cigarettes was what helped me reduce my smoking habit. Was smoking 1 pack a day but now I am down to 2 sticks per day. I found that I can still keep the habit of smoking but I can gradually rid myself off the addiction to nicotine. If you have not heard of electronic cigarettes, do some research on it. I have some videos that explains everything.

  • Neil Mukesh says:

    I actually have quit smoking with the help of Nicorette Gum and it is one of the best products to quit smoking also now it’s been more than six months and i don’t get any cravings for it.
    Thanks Nicorette for helping people like us URL nicorette. in/nicorette/nicorette-gum Cheers to Nicorette.

  • Koma kush says:

    I am watchin this video while smokin a cig, n this video ain’t convincing me!

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