How To Stop My Friend[s] From Smoking?

How to stop my friend[s] from smoking?

I have 3 close friends that all smoke, ive known them for about 2 months now since going to 6th form college
They are all amazing, and really nice, but I just feel that they need to stop this smoking, one of them also smokes weed
I need some help because it really would be a benefit for them to just stop smoking it all lol

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  • Mtwtf says:

    advice them to stop

  • Dust says:

    Well there’s really not much you can do. All you can do is tell them how you feel about it but they won’t stop unless they really want to.

  • ec123456789able says:

    advice them to stop smoking. why not make up a story about someone you know having a gruesome death due to smoking.

  • tuberider says:

    the weeds cool i thought meant cigs. i was going to suggest for the cig smokers to get some really crappy weed this satisfies the need for smoke to enter the lungs takes the edge off nicotine and the body does the rest, it worked for me . cig smoke is repulsive. it stinks weed on the other hand can be helpful in creativity. although short term memory is effected . not good for school boys. ive smoked for 40 years am a successful business man. no not selling weed. window tinting retired now getting some sick tubes in the philippines. good luck wit your buds

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