How To Get Girlfriend To Stop Eating?

How to get girlfriend to stop eating?

She stopped smoking and is replacing nicotine with carbs.

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12 Comments/Reviews

  • lewislol says:

    Perhaps hr trying to get something to occupy his mind. When I quit smoking after being a smoker for 6 years, had a match traction motor. This kept my hands and mind busy for more than a month. Worked for me. It will not be long until all nicotine is out of your system and return to normal

  • Lauren Clooney says:

    im guessing this girlfriend is a tad overweight. . welll the choices are i would say is either have her go to a hypmotist which iv heard really does work. . . or just motivate her tell her you dont wanna be around somebody whos gunna eat nonstop. . . take her to a nutritionist and i dont kno just talk to her about how you feel.

  • says:

    Get her to eat something else like apples or carrots.

  • Cato Bo Bato says:

    Stop being a dick of a boyfriend. . .

  • therealfreddy_p says:

    don’t worry about it

  • It'sgotnoTummy says:

    replace the carbs with you. . have funn. . . : ) : ) : ) +wink wink+

  • Lexi B says:

    tell her to stop that.

  • Rod J says:

    Tell her she’s not “smoking” in more ways than one.

  • lil one says:

    Break it to her, tell her to stop eating

  • [Live To Party,Bust A Move♥JB] says:

    I agree with that one guy. That’s rude. . It’s her body not yours. Controlling much?

  • lv_consultant says:

    50-100 mg daily 5-HTP kill carb cravings

  • Emily S says:

    Well, Doug, she is your girlfriend and it’s okay to notice such things. The next step is how to help, not hinder.

    It’s great your girlfriend has stopped smoking. That’s a big step and the last thing you want to do is make her feel so insecure she returns to her old, comfortable habit.

    I think that rather than suggest she stops eating so much (that won’t go down well I can assure you), suggest that you both go for a regular walk, bike ride, swim. . . do something together so that you are both benefiting in the process. In this way, you are supporting her and both getting something out of it.

    All the best to both of you. :-)

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