Exercises For Women To Lose Weight- Stop Smoking Aid

Exercises for Women to Lose Weight- Stop Smoking Aid

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Women in general think that after obtaining parenthood, exercising is not their cup of tea. But this myth is baseless. There are so many weight loss plans for new mothers in the market today. Usually women gain weight during pregnancy and start worrying soon after the childbirth but they don’t need to worry at all as plenty of fitness plans designed for them.

It is true that previous plans may not work properly for them due to which they give up at times. There are various exercises namely cardio, breathing exercise, strength training and running.
Cardio and Strength Exercise

Cardio exercise is considered as one of the best exercises for both men and women to lose weight. This includes simple walking which helps to burn calories in efficient way and also doesn’t require strain or stress on the body. There is another weight loss program designed for women which has been gradually replacing cardio exercise. In this method, calories burnt rapidly comparing with cardio exercise as it helps in building muscles.

Aerobic exercises have been gaining popularity for the past 2 decades. We see most of the celebrities and film personalities go for this. Aerobic group exercises help the women to lose weight in a regular way.
Breathing Exercise and Running


This exercise is the best and comfortable one for the women who find difficulty in moving around. In this, air is forced through the nose in a forceful manner while we hold inhalation. It is better for people with heart diseases not to go for this method.

Running is one of the very natural exercises in the world. This is the one exercise which everybody can adopt irrespective of whether poor or rich. Running is hobby for most of the people especially for professionals. One can relax the body and burn calories in an efficient way through running.

With running exercise one can gain weight loss in the stomach, buttocks and thigh areas as the abdominal muscles are used while running. More over running is inexpensive in contradictory to spending money on gyms and other fitness plans. And it also saves women from heart attacks and stress related illnesses.

Running is more helpful for general health and protects from diabetes, hypertension and stroke and also breast cancer. And by increasing the levels of cholesterol in blood the risk of blood clots is reduced. It benefits the immune system by increasing white blood cell count.

With above all mentioned points it is evident that running is the best exercise for all problems.

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