How Do I Encourage Someone Else To Stop Smoking?

How do i encourage someone else to stop smoking?

My mom smokes like 10 cigarettes a day! I need some kind of way to effectively get her to stop. I have already tried telling her its bad but it won’t work!

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  • Spencer Lefevre says:

    Scaring it into her with videos and pictures was a method that works well with many people.

    Hope it helps. . .

  • dina Pistou says:

    Stopping smoking is a pretty simple thing to do. . . in principle. Maybe because of it sounding so easy it catches people off guard and ultimately makes it much more difficult to quit.

    There are a lot of products out there that can help you to stop smoking. Which is best for you depends on many factors and ultimately the only person that knows which is best for you is you.

    The best thing to do when you are looking to stop smoking is to find out what options you have, and then decide which sounds best for you.

    Here’s a website that lists the different things that are out there to help you stop smoking.

  • Jane Harkson says:

    I smoked 20 Cigarettes a day+… I could not stop. I’m not here to sell anything its just true. If you really want to break the addiction forever this blog has a 5 step article that DOES WORK! Visit this site its great! It helped me a ton! http://stopsmokingimmediately. blogspot. com/ to quit in less then an hour! -Jane

  • Nestor says:

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